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Bin Robot Lady Review

When it comes to automated binary options trading programs, the Binrobot-Lady does not aim to offer a revolutionary service; instead, concentrates on offering an existing formula that provides a flexible trading bot for investing in the binary options market.

Binrobot-Lady Automated Bot & Signal Trading Overview

Automated trading systems have found a prominent place among investors in numerous financial markets, and binary options trading is not far behind in terms of outright usage of bots for trading. It is true that trading robots take the stress out of trading, although at the expense of relinquishing control to an unknown entity. Regardless, several traders have enjoyed positive trading results by using high-performance binary options trading robots, which has led to the creation of numerous services and service providers in the online marketplace.

Binrobot-Lady is another automated trading robot that adopts a tried and tested automated trading system, with a slight twist. Trading assistance is provided in two forms; either through the use of trading robots or through the usage of trading signals. Binrobot-Lady has chosen to take both approaches and combine it to create a hybrid binary options trading service.

By choosing to cover both markets, Binrobot-Lady is certainly a good option for investors who wish to test both products and choose one according to their trading needs. But how effective is their trading service, and do they have the performance guaranteed to offer a consistently profitable trading environment? Learn more about Binary Robot Lady and their performance claims in our comprehensive review of the binary options robot.

BinRobot-Lady Regulation

The first thing that we look for in a binary options service, regardless of whether it is a broker or an automated binary trading bot, is its regulatory status. Of course, we can’t expect support services such as binary trading signals and robot programs to be regulated by any agency, as regulators are more keen on regulating brokers and clearly stay away from regulating or supervising any trade research/analytics/signals service providers. It is one of the primary reasons why we don’t see signals service providers being regulated or endorsed by a verified regulatory agency. In fact, if you ask any established trader or a credible organisation, they will most probably obviously advise you to stay away from signals or automated trading, or even avoid trading binary options altogether. Even service providers don’t recommend using their services on live accounts, as there is a high risk of losing the entire invested capital.

However, we still want binary options signals providers and trading programs to offer contact information or other relevant company details that can enhance trust among users. BinRobot-Lady does not provide any such information, which does not spell great confidence in the company’s services. It is not uncommon for these trading programs to intentionally conceal any identifying information, due to fear from legal consequences from its users in the event of extreme losses. However, on the flipside, a lack of regulatory or contact information prevents traders from ascertaining the authenticity of the service, as binary options trading programs have been known to indulge in fraudulent activities in the past.

Binrobot-Lady has been live for more than two years and has catered to around 95,000 traders since its launch. The program has received positive acclaim from a majority of its users, but the program is not entirely free from any negative feedback. Regardless, the binary options robot has won five international awards and continues to accrue positive response from its users.

Binrobot-Lady Trading Robot & Binary Signals

Binrobot-Lady uses a tried and tested approach to automated trading, which is based on a set of trading conditions that were made popular by other established binary trading programs. Binrobot-Lady uses a web-based trading interface, where all user accounts are connected to an online trading bot that can be tweaked and customised according to individual trader preferences. Binrobot-Lady cannot be added to an existing binary options account, and we have worked with similar programs where traders are expected to open a dedicated trading account through the binary trading robot platform. While such a program prevents the need to install any browser extensions or plugin for trading interfaces, the downside is that traders will be required to sign up for a new account from scratch.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Ideal for beginners!
    Free Demo Account + Free Trading Education!
    Get a Sign-up Bonus:


    2nd place in the ranking!

The trading signal service also works in a similar fashion, but in this case, the free signals are provided through a user dashboard that is activated only after Binrobot-Lady platform can verify that the trader had indeed used the platform to sign up for an account. The company encourages its traders to deposit funds through the Binrobot-Lady online platform to prevent any account manipulations, which uses advanced encryption technologies and SSL protection to ensure the safety of financial transactions. Depositing through the Binrobot-Lady platform can also avoid any conflicts in the future, but ultimately, you will be depositing funds at your preferred broker.

The Binrobot-Lady binary options robot is compatible with five of the most popular binary options brokers, which include 24Option, uTrader, BDSwiss, and EmpireOption. The choice of brokerages may be limited for regular traders, as other competing programs with similar trading strategies offer access to at least 10 different binary trading companies. Binrobot-Lady is planning to add new brokers in the future, but until then, traders are recommended to open an account at any of the service’s recommended brokerages.

Binrobot-Lady Platform

The Binrobot-Lady trading platform can be accessed through a web browser, and it is common for a majority of binary options services and brokers to adopt a browser-based platform as well. Binrobot-Lady is an automatic trading robot that makes use of specified algorithms and trading conditions, which are customisable according to traders’ preferences. Even though the bot trades on its own according to a set of predetermined trading conditions, traders are still required to give a few inputs to start trading. Unlike some bots that trade 24X7, Binrobot-Lady only performs when the user is logged into the platform. You can’t set it and forget it, which is actually a good thing, as it will help traders to keep an eye on the trades and intervene if the bot is struggling with consecutive losses.

The platform uses separate dashboards for automated trading and trading signals. If traders are not comfortable with an automatic program, the signals service provides almost the same trading calls, but trades will have to be entered manually. Trading signals also use the same parameters as the trading bots, but with a small difference on how signals are delivered to traders. Unfortunately, at this time, Binrobot-Lady does not provide an option to trade the markets through its dashboard manually, and all trading strategies can only be accomplished through the broker’s dedicated trading platform. As we had previously mentioned, BinRobot-Lady is only compatible with platforms and accounts offered by its recommended brokers. Even if you have an existing live trading account, you will still be asked to open a new account to use the Binrobot-Lady services.

Binrobot-Lady Mobile Access

Binrobot-Lady offers exclusive mobile access through the web trader interface, or through the dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android. Binrobot-Lady bots offer an excellent layout for large screen devices such as tablets and 2-in-1 devices, but smartphone users can also take advantage of the platform for automated trading on their mobile devices. A noteworthy drawback of the mobile app is the approach by which traders can make use of signals for trading, as the reduced screen space can be difficult for traders to enter trades at the same time as specified by the program. Binary options trades are high-risk trades that have very limited trade durations, which makes it vital for traders to be quick in their trade entries and management.

Binrobot-Lady Assets & How To Trade

Binrobot-Lady does not make any assertions of providing an extensive list of trading assets, as the program only covers the Forex currency markets. The choice of tradable assets is rather insufficient, which should be a hindrance for traders that are looking to employ bots for trading the wide range of stocks, commodities, and indices markets. Regardless, Binrobot-Lady allows its users to select either one or multiple FX pairs, including pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and EUR/GBP. These instruments are indeed the most traded currency pairs in the market and offer a great amount of liquidity throughout a trading week.

Automatic Binary Options Robot Trading

Binrobot-Lady allows users to change different trading parameters and choose a preferred trading algorithm, which should provide different win-rates and ROIs for different traders. Binrobot-Lady has provided an excellent tutorial on its website, but we will provide a short analysis of all the parameters of trading and settings that are available with the Binrobot-Lady trading bot.

Selecting The Asset & Expiry Times – Selecting the asset and its expiry time is the first step for trading using the Binrobot-Lady trading bot. As far as assets and expiry times are concerned, the program has very limited options, as traders can only choose from eight different currency pairs and expiry times ranging from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. We expected the program to offer higher expiry times, but short-term binary options trading seems to be the most preferred option for most binary options bots in the market.

The Amount Of Transaction – The amount of risk per trade is determined according to the choice of the broker. The minimum investment may vary, but the system offers an opportunity to start trading with a small amount of $1. The maximum investment amount is also limited as traders can only invest a maximum of $500 for a single position. Binrobot-Lady has purposefully minimised the maximum capital exposure per trade, so as to reduce the overall risk to the trader.

Maximum Number Of Simultaneous Trades – Traders must specify the maximum number of open positions that can be initiated by the bot at any single instance. The number of trades can be anywhere from one to eight, and it is up to the trader to choose the number of trades that they are most comfortable with for a particular period. However, be warned that the total capital exposure can reach around $4,000 by specifying the full $500 investment for eight positions, which can be a pretty sizeable drawdown in the case of eight consecutive losses. Hence, always consider your risk appetite before choosing the amount of transaction and the number of simultaneous positions.

Trading System – The trading system is defined as the money management strategy, which is similar to the options offered by other leading binary trading bots. There are three trading systems, the Classic, the Martingale, and the Fibonacci systems. The Classic system should be the safest option for most traders, as it involves trading in equal quantities, where the amount of transaction remains a constant throughout. The Martingale system is a pretty popular system in gambling and casinos, which instructs the bot to double the investment after every losing trade until the bot comes up with a winning trade. The Fibonacci system is the opposite of the Martingale system, where trade sizes are reduced by half after a loss and doubled after a win. Choose a trading system that best suits your trading personality.

Indicators – Indicators are the essence behind every binary options trading bots’ algorithms, but Binrobot-Lady allows traders to choose a preferred indicator for initiating trading positions in the binary options market. The automated program has six different indicators, namely, Trend, MACD, RSI, CCI, STOCH, and %R, and traders have the freedom to choose either a single indicator or a combination of different indicators for better accuracy. Of course, the profitability of trading and the win-rates can be significantly different for individual traders.

Signals Trading – Manual Entries

Manual trading through Binrobot-Lady trading signals can be achieved through the special signals that are provided within the Binrobot-Lady trader dashboard. These signals are offered as trade recommendations, and traders can either choose to act on these recommendations or decline to use them at all. Trading signals do provide a much better opportunity to control risks in the market, without suffering from the uncertainties involved in automated trading programs. Although the system offers signal through its platform, you must manually open trades through your brokerage account, and there isn’t any option of trading via the Binrobot-Lady platform at this stage.

Binrobot-Lady Automated Trading Performance

The program promises a maximum win-rate of 87%, which is slightly lower than the win-rates achieved by similar programs. Hence, it may result in a slightly lower ROI, but the high win-rate as promised does not sound realistic. The company does claim in its disclaimer that the performance of the bot may vary according to the choice of the asset, the time of expiry, the trading system, and the indicators. The overall range of customisable settings does present unique opportunities for traders, including varying levels of win-rates. You should consider a win-rate of 70% to be a reasonably competent trading performance, especially if you choose the right money management strategies.

Cost Of Binrobot-Lady Subscription

Binrobot-Lady is an affiliate program that earns commissions from brokers for every trader who signs up for a brokerage account through its platform. It is the main reason why Binrobot-Lady does not provide its services to existing binary options brokerage account holders, as the program will simply miss out on the commissions. Binrobot-Lady does not charge any additional fees for subscriptions from the traders directly, but the program receives a hefty paycheck from the broker for every subscription and according to the trade volumes.

It may be frustrating to the user to know that Binrobot-Lady will be compensated, regardless of its trading performance. Hence, traders should be cautious about investing in the markets with large position sizes, as they should concentrate on getting more revenue on their trades, rather than concentrating on outright win-percentage.

Binrobot-Lady Demo Accounts

Traders may not subscribe for an automatic trading robot unless they can verify the performance through an actual demo environment. Binrobot-Lady does provide a demo account, but the rates are derived from third-party providers and may not be entirely representative of the actual rates and trading conditions offered on the real platform. Binrobot-Lady demo platforms provide all the settings and customisation options that are available with a live account, but there may be differences between the performance achieved on a demo account and a real account. Nevertheless, the free demo account should be a great chance for traders to experiment with the bot, or for making use of the trading signals and try to analyse the performance of the system before investing real money.

Binrobot-Lady Customer Service

The program offers a dedicated customer service channel through its platform, and through the website, but there only seems to be a web contact form for regular users. The system has not committed itself towards providing other support channels such as live chat, phone numbers, or email addresses, which means that there may be delays in correspondence. Therefore, traders may be required to send multiple messages before they can receive a response from the company.

Binrobot-Lady Verdict


  • Traders can enjoy free access to automated binary trading and trading signals.
  • The robot provides a huge range of customisation options and trade settings.
  • Automated trading is facilitated through an online interface.
  • The company claims a high win-rate of 87%.
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made through the platform.
  • Low amount of transaction per position.


  • No option of trading through the platform for manual trading.
  • Customer service channel is not up to the standards offered by other competitors.
  • The system only supports eight FX currency pairs.

What Is The Winning Percentage Of Binrobot-Lady?

Binrobot-Lady has a win-rate of 87%, but the actual winning percentages should vary from trader to trader.

What Are The Minimum/Maximum Investments Per Position?

The system allows traders to start investing with $1, with a maximum trade size of $500.

Does Binrobot-Lady Provide A Demo Account?

Yes, Binrobot-Lady does provide a demo account.

Binary Review: BinRobot Lady

Today we are looking at a new binary options trading product by Abi, called BinRobot Lady. The sales page is not the most professional we’ve ever seen. Abi is some sort of an Android robot mascot who claims that auto trading with her is simple and profitable.

Considering this is an investment opportunity we prefer a higher level of professionalism than one with a robot mascot. For updated software rankings go here .

BinRobot Lady Review

The sales page for the BinRobot Lady is very similar to Option Robot and a few other automated trading systems. All of these robots claim to provide 3 different trading systems, the classic system, the martingale system and the Fibonacci system. On top of that, every single one of these automated trading systems also claim to use a handful of different indicators. Here they are listed:

These are some of the most common indicators used in the Forex trading market. They are all extremely powerful and can be used in the binary options market as well to determine proper trade entries and exits. Yet, just because these indicators are involved in a trading system, that doesn’t mean that the trading system itself is going to use them in the right way. Everyone in the Forex and binary options market believe they have the strategy, because without that strategy the indicators are useless.


There are 3 testimonials for the BinRobot Lady in the sales page from Alexander, Victor, and Lika.

Alexander claims that he “was looking for a quality trading system to earn money on binary options. And I can say with confidence that I’ve found it. Abi – for me is a priceless discovery. The best program for auto trading. In just a few hours a day by trading small amounts, you can earn a few hundred $$$.”

Trading Results

The testimonials seem to be the main proof being provided by the developers. There is a ticker that shows trades frequently happening but none of the trades can actually be verified because the prices are never shown. I sent Abi an email to see if we can gain access to a trading statement of some sort, but until then this really just not enough information here to go on results wise.


We are unable to give a final recommendation for the BinRobot Lady at this point in time. We are going to leave it at a 3 star and hope that we get a response to our email and gain access to a longer trading statement and some further elaboration on the trading strategy being utilized. There is still skepticism here because it’s possible this may be a copy of the option robot software but we don’t know that 100% just yet. So, we will be researching this further as well.

Please let me know if you have anything you would like to add to the review, and thank you for stopping by Binary Today .

BinRobot-Lady Review

Rating Section

  • Bonuses: 0/100 (N/A)
  • Software: 80/100
  • Customer Support: 50/100
  • Options Choice: 80/100
  • Overall: 70/100

Ratings Summary

The bonuses section of our ratings is not applicable to Binrobot-lady with any bonuses users are eligible for provided by the robot’s compatible partner brokers and not the robot itself. For the software category, a strong score is based on easy usability and the robot’s functionality doing what it is intended to. A well put together product! Customer support gets a relatively weak rating due to an enquiry form providing the only channel of communication with the company behind the robot. Live chat or a telephone line would be a significant improvement. Finally, with users able to customise Binrobot-lady’s 6 indicators to build their own trading systems, this tool provides plenty of flexibility and choice and deserves a good rating here.

BinRobot-Lady Introduction

Software-based automation has brought efficiencies to almost every industry over the past several years and the world of financial markets trading has been no different. The most time-consuming part of a trader’s job has always been conducting technical analysis – the process of predicting price movements of financial instruments based on cycles which repeat over time. This is achieved by applying mathematics-based formulas onto price charts to isolate which of these patterns are currently prevalent. There are many different ‘technical indicators’, that show these price cycles and traders devise trading systems that employ different combinations of those. Historical data shows which of these combinations have proven to be most accurate in different sets of circumstances.

However, performing technical analysis takes time and doing so manually severely restricts the number of trading opportunities a trader is physically able to assess at any one time. Enter the robots! Trading robots are not of the mechanical variety but software-based. For a number of years now professional traders have been making use of software that automates technical analysis for them. When a trading robot’s trading system spots a pattern that seems to indicate a particular future price direction is likely, it sends a ‘signal’ to the trader. The trader then casts an eye over the technical analysis the robot has performed on their behalf and comes to a decision on whether or not they would like to confirm a trade based the advice of the signal received.

Binary trading robots do exactly the same thing, with their software programmed to the specifics of binary options trading. There are now several robots available on the market that binary options traders can use to provide trade signals. Most also have a setting that allows traders to give them authorisation to automatically place binary options trades if they meet certain pre-defined criteria. Less experienced traders who do not yet have the knowledge to accurately do their own technical analysis can let a binary options robot do it for them and experienced traders who can do their own analysis also benefit from the time using a robot saves.

But which of the several trading robot options available to binary options traders is the best choice? We’ve covered the information on the specifics of many of the options available here to help you make an informed decision. In this particular review we summarise the key qualities and characteristics of Binrobot-lady:

Company Information

There isn’t a great deal of information available on the company behind Binrobot-lady but we do know it was established in 2020. Most trading robot software companies, like many other software companies, remain in the background with the product itself the focus. Because Binrobot-lady is free to use, the company has no financial transaction with users so company information is not really necessary.

Trading Software

The trading robot’s software is nicely designed and users will have no difficulties in setting up an account and the settings they wish to use. Set-up is from Binrobot-lady’s website where, once a user account has been created, a trader must choose one or more of the binary options brokers the robot is compatible with to trade from. The robot needs an API-feed from the broker’s pricing charts to be able to work so has to be used with a partner broker that has provided this.

Binrobot-lady is currently compatible with 6 different binary options brokers, all of whom are CySEC-regulated. Once a trader has opened a trading account with a broker, all of which require a minimum initial deposit of $250, they must configure the robot to the settings they wish to use to provide indicators. Three default trading systems are provided and users can also create their own by using any combination of the six different technical indicators the robot works with.

Traders must also decide whether to use the robot in its autotrade or signals setting. In the case of autotrade, the robot will actually take binary options positions on behalf of the trader when it spots an opportunity that matches its trading system. The user will have set the investment stake the robot can place on any single trade and also how many trades can be placed over one session and the maximum loss for any one day incase things don’t go well. The robot claims a very strong success ratio but it is not perfect so can still have days which involve losing streaks.

The other setting is for Binrobot-lady to provide ‘signals’ but not to actually place any trades. In this setting, the robot will simply inform the trader of the trade opportunity. The final decision and action of actually placing the trade is then left to the trader. We recommend using trading robots in this way. A trader should always make the final call on a trade and not rely 100% on any automated system. Professional traders always further assess signals trading robots provide before deciding which to act upon.


Binrobot-lady doesn’t come in app form and is intended to be used predominantly via a desktop. However, the website is built with a mobile-responsive design so the website can be relatively comfortably used from a smartphone or tablet device.

Trading Features & Fees

As already mentioned, Binrobot-lady has three of the most commonly employed trading systems that make use of its six indicators pre-set. Users can choose from the Classic System, Martingale System and Fibonacci System and can also set different systems for different assets they trade if they feel different systems are best applied to different assets.

Alternatively, the robot also has 6 popular technical indicators that users can put together in their own customised combinations to create alternative trading systems.

When a trading system is set up using combinations of these indicators, a signal is only given if all agree on their predicted price movement trajectory.

There are no fees or charges attached to using Binrobot-lady. The robot’s business model is that the company earns a commission when users open a trading account with a partner broker. This is paid by the broker so the cost to trade, with or without the robot’s assistance, is the same for the trader.

Available Brokers

Binrobot-Lady currently works with six different partner brokers:

  • 24option
  • Bloombex Options
  • RBinary
  • Opteck
  • ZoomTrader
  • PlusOption

Users can refer to our binary options brokers review section when making a choice as each broker offers slightly different conditions in terms of their trading platforms, minimum investment stakes, range of tradable assets, banking options etc. It’s also possible for traders to set up accounts with more than one broker simultaneously.

Bonuses & VIP Programs

Many binary options brokers, including some of the six that Binrobot-Lady’s trading robot software is compatible with offer traders bonus programmes as an additional incentive to trade with them. These tend to take the form of cash top-ups applied to deposits paid into trading accounts but bonuses such as ‘risk free trades’, where losing binary options trades are refunded, and loyalty points schemes based on trading turnover are also common.

However, these bonuses are provided by the brokers themselves rather than Binrobot-Lady so should form part of the research conducted by traders when they are choosing which broker to work with. Most outline bonuses available on their website and traders can also refer to our broker reviews where bonus details are provided. One thing to note is that bonuses often come with conditions attached to trade turnover that must be met before subsequent withdrawals can be made from an account. Traders should make sure they are aware of those and happy to accept them before agreeing to receive a bonus. Often bonuses are applied automatically and traders should actively decline them if they do not wish to be tied to their conditions.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Binrobot-Lady does not process any payments directly with all financial transactions going through the partner broker(s) selected by the trader to trade through. This is another characteristic that users should research when deciding upon a broker as there are variations in aspects such as which payment processing channels are supported by different brokers. Charges applied to withdrawals also vary between brokers as do minimum withdrawal values.

Customer Support

Setting up and using Binrobot-Lady is straightforward and traders should encounter little need for customer support. However, for any issues or questions encountered there is an enquiry form provided. A live chat customer support channel is, however, something that would be a welcome addition here and speed up the response rate to situations requiring customer support.

Extra Features and Resources

Users are able to see an historic record of the success of signals provided by Binrobot-Lady. This can help them come to a decision on which signals to act on based on the success ratio of the available trading systems and indicators as applied to different tradable assets.


Binrobot-Lady is a very useful tool for binary options traders used correctly. As with any trading robot or signals system, users should consider the trading robot as a support tool and not a magic wand. It is a nice piece of software that is very simple to set up and use that can really make using technical analysis in trading a more efficient process. Traders should not blindly make trades based solely on signals and should always do their own additional analysis. As long as these simple rules are kept to, Binrobot-Lady brings plenty of added value to binary options traders.

  • Free trading robot software
  • Easy to use
  • 3 default trading systems available
  • 6 technical indicators
  • Option to set-up customisable trading systems using the 6 indicators
  • Software only currently compatible with a list of 6 partner brokers
  • Customer support only available via enquiry form
  • Historical record of success ratio of signals not third-party verified

Is Binrobot-Lady a Scam?

No. All Binrobot-Lady really does is automate technical analysis for traders. Unless a trader sets the robot to auto-trade on their behalf, which we don’t recommend, the final call on any trade must be taken by the user. As such, traders must accept responsibility for any trades made on the basis of signals provided by the robot, winning or losing. The robot provides trade signals on the basis of established technical indicators commonly used by traders.

What is the Success Rate of Signals Provided by Binrobot-Lady?

The company states that signals have a success ratio of 87%, though this cannot be objectively verified.

Is Binrobot-Lady Expensive to Use?

No, the trading robot is free to use for traders. Partner brokers pay the company a commission when a user opens a trading account with them but this does not change the trading costs in any way for the user.

How accurate are the signals provided by Binrobot-Lady?

BinRobot-Lady’s website claims 87% accuracy in its signals

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