Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Top 5 users for April 2020

Below you can see the results of the top 5 users on When you login to the binary robot, you can choose your own settings and aim to achieve similar results as the users below.

Benefits of using our binary options robot

What you get.

Many of our users generate up to 90% win-rate with their strategies and systems using our binary option robot.

Our Binary robot software is incredibly simple. You just need to open an account, click on AutoTrade and the option robot will start working straight away!

You can configure your own options robot trading strategy and indicators to get the maximum win-rate for your trades.

Our Binary robot will automatically place trades in your account for you. This allows you to to trade around the clock without having to download or install any software.

Reduce your losses with our advanced stop-loss system alerts. You can set you losses by day to avoid drawdowns.

Our options robot works with a number of different brokers. Choose a new broker from the dropdown menu when you sign up.

Best Binary Robot – Get Started Now!

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Open and fund an account in seconds with one of our selected brokers.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Ideal for beginners!
    Free Demo Account + Free Trading Education!
    Get a Sign-up Bonus:


    2nd place in the ranking!

Adjust your settings, trade amount and other settings.

Enjoy the profits made on your broker account with our auto-trading technology.

Trading Indicators

Which one is for you?

You can choose from the most popular indicators below to create your own strategy. Our system is compatible with the following 6 indicators:

You can create your own strategy using any of the 6 popular trading indicators below. We give you full control of your binary robot account, risk-reward ratio and strategy for placing automatic trades.

See our frequently asked questions below!

A Binary option is an option that has two types of outcome: win or lose. When a user wins a trade in binary options with our binary robot, they will received a predetermined and fixed payout, given to them by their broker.

For example, if the payout is 90% and the user bets $100 that the price of an asset to increase in a given time period, they will win $90 is the asset increases in price, or lose the initial $100 if the price goes in the oppostie direction.

A binary options robot is trading software or an algorithm developed using modern technical indicators specifically for the purpose of automating binary trading. For those who are familiar with Expert Advisers in Forex, a binary options robot is in a way, similar to EAs.

Binary robots are developed to assist novice traders trying to learn the ropes in binary options to make profits as they gain experience. However, this does not mean that experienced traders are forbidden to capitalize on the software—in fact—binary options robots are used widely by those who consider themselves to be experts in the market.

While EAs have been around for decades, binary options robots only began to crop up in the early 2020s. Since then, they have continued to attract many players in the binary options market as their popularity continues to soar. Most binary options robots are not regulated, but most partner brokers that they work with have various regulations.

Binary options robots have nothing mechanical about them. They are not some sort of machines like many would imagine when the first hear about them. However, they are designed to execute certain instructions on their own and that’s how they get the name robot.

There are two main types of binary robots. There are those are downloadable and those that are entirely web-based.

Downloadable binary Options robots

These binary options robots are designed in such a way that traders can easily download and save them on their desktops. They are the least popular when you compare them with their web-based counterparts but have more or less the same operating capabilities.

Most of these downloadable binary options use three distinct trading systems to provide traders with a variety of options depending on their risk appetites, experience and trading capital. These are the Classic system, the Martingale, and Fibonacci trading system. Ideally the robot usually has a list of partner brokers from which the traders can apply automated trading. Traders must choose their preferred broker from the list and then download the robot to their computers.

The funds deposited with their broker can then be accessed via the robot’s trading dashboard from which they can choose which assets, what amount, and the timeframes to apply automated trading. They can also adjust which indicators that the robot can use when picking and executing trades on their behalf.

Some of the indicators to choose from include the MACD, the Parabolic SAR, and Relative Strength Index, among others. Traders can always adjust their preferred indicators to use on different assets and can always deactivate automated trading by unchecking the option on the robots trading dashboard.

Web-based binary options robots

With the web-based versions of binary option robots, traders basically do not need to download any software. Everything is done on the web, which is much easier given the fact that binary options brokerage platforms are web-based. As such, most of these robots are offered by binary options brokers and are varied in nature.

There are those that when it comes to trading, have similar capabilities to the downloadable type of binary options robots, which means that the process is pretty much similar bar the download part. The other common type in the web-based version of binary options robots is more about social/copy trading thereby enabling traders to copy trades of their colleagues for various time frames. This type requires traders to select which experts to follow carefully because their gains are dependent on the success of the trades they follow/copy.

Binary options robots have proven time and again that they can provide a better avenue for novice traders looking to make money in the market. However, just as most providers will tend to point out in the disclaimer; past results cannot be used as a basis to guarantee future returns.

Nonetheless, there are specific performance thresholds that traders use against any provider’s past performance results before signing up for a premium service.

For instance, in order to make money in binary options using a binary options robot, the robot must attain at least 60% average win-rate. This is because most option types listed on various brokerage platforms offer traders a payout of about 85%.

This means that if your trade expires in the money, you do not double your investment in that particular asset, but rather, you are credited with 85%. If the return was 100%, then a win-rate of just 55% would be enough to make you money in binary options.

As such, it is always recommended that even if you choose to use a binary options robot, you try to us a binary options broker that offers the best payout. The higher the average payout per trade, the lower the win-rate will be required for you to make money.

Additionally, in order to make money with a binary options robot, it is important that you make sure that the provider you choose can be trusted. Most binary robots providers promise high win-rates to their traders, only for the traders to end being duped.

In order to avoid falling in such traps, it’s paramount that you do due diligence analysis on the provider. Check whether there are any scam reports about the provider, otherwise your attempt to make money using a binary option robot could turn out to be the worst trading decision you ever made.

Most binary options robots rely on technical indicators to pick out traders, but there are others that incorporate custom algorithms which help them to filter certain market moving events that can result in catastrophic losses. Therefore, when choosing your binary options robot service provider, be on the watch out to check whether the robot is designed to filter such events.

Since robots are technically developed, their ability to accurately predict price or exchange rate movements depends on empirical events. As such, market events that cannot be accurately quantified and factored into the trading robot cannot be included. This is why a binary options robot that’s likely to make you money in the binary options market will always list the ability to halt trading during such market events as one of its main features.

As for robots that do not have this functionality, traders can always halt trading manually by deactivating the autotrading feature on the binary options robot’s trading dashboard. After the event and its predicted impact have passed, the trader can then resume automated trading and watch the system make money depending on the average win-rate.

Again, it’s important to note that some robots help traders to make money on a regular basis while others can go on a draught. So patience may be required at times.

Using is very easy. All you need to do is open an account and switch the ‘AutoTrading’ button to ‘ON’. This will then trade on your account remotely.

You can also customize the settings of the indicators and strategies used by the indicators to give you full control of your account.

There is no specific regulation set for binary options robots, but depending on the provider of the given service, there are those that are actually regulated.

For instance, most binary options brokers are run by holding companies that have obtained financial derivatives trading licenses from various regulatory bodies. The most common regulators of binary options trading companies are the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission “CySEC”, and UK’s Financial Conduct Authority “FCA”.

In Australia, binary options brokers are regulated by ASIC whereas FSB is the body that oversees the market in South Africa. FSA does the same job in Japan whereas NFA and CFTC regulate exchange-traded binary options in the US.

So the list is long, but if you check closely, there is no specific mention of binary options robots. However, some of the robots such are run by financial trading companies that are regulated by one or more of the various regulatory bodies. This ties them to a fully licensed and regulated company unlike in most cases where the providers of the binary options robot barely have a place to call office.

So when a binary options robot is offered as one of the products of a fully licensed company, it is right to say that the robot has legal status. Nonetheless, it’s important to make sure that it’s clearly stated in the copyright section that the particular binary options robot is a product of the licensed company in question.

Most binary options robots provided by binary options brokers land under this category. However, they are not robots in a nutshell. They are more of social trading platforms rather than robots, but since the trading is automated, they are often put in the same category.

Therefore, when it comes to social trading platforms that are akin to binary options robots, regulation matters less because in any case, trader follow the trades of fellow traders thereby removing any liability from the broker or the binary options robot service provider.

For instance, if you choose to automate your trades by following the trades of another trader whom you believe will deliver substantial wins and things do not turn out as expected, you cannot fault the robot service provider. Also, you cannot claim the robot to be a scam after losing money because, you are the one who selected which and whose trades to copy.

Therefore the question about whether or not binary options robots are legal can be interpreted in several ways. Traders would have to consider the parties involved in providing the service, as well as, whether or not they have a direct relationship with the service itself. You can have a provider who has nothing to do with the trading activity itself.

Binary options robots have no legal status under any regulatory body, but in most cases, the people behind them do. If that does offer any solace for those that really prefer using products that have legal status, then it will have to suffice for now. However, a few years ago binary options trading was not regulated, but now several brokers have EU regulation. Who knows what could happen in the next few years for binary options robots?

Yes. The binary option robot is 100% mobile responsive and can be traded on your mobile.

Unfortunately not. Due to security, you will need to open a trading account using the binary option robot to ensure a reliable, safe trading experience. This way, our robot can connect with your broker API and ‘talk’ to your broker in order to execute trades.

The settings of the robot allow you to customize your trading strategy and financial results.

You can customize the following:

  • Trade Amount
  • Expiry Time
  • Assets Traded
  • No. of Simultaneous Trades
  • Money Management Strategy (including Martingale, Classic and Fibonacci Trading System).
  • Trading Indicators (including MACD, Stochastics, RSI, CCI, Williams and Trend indicators). You can learn more about how these indicators work on the internet.

You can withdraw your profits at any time. Simply go to your cashier, select withdraw, and choose your nominated withdrawal account. Withdrawals should be processed within 2-3 days.

From one point of view, the difference between signals and autotrading is a thin line but from another, you could write down a long list of what separates the two.

So first up, lets draw the thin line between binary options signals and autotrading.

The only thing that separates the two is that in binary options signals, traders execute the trades by acting on the trades picked by the system. On the other hand, when it comes to autotrading, the robot, or the system in this case, executes the trades on the trader’s behalf.

Now the long list;

With trading signals, traders must be logged in the brokerage platform to execute the trade picks generated by the signal service provider, whereas with autotrading, once they have activated the autotrading option the binary options robot does the rest regardless of whether or not the trader is online.

With signals, traders can choose whether or not to act on the trade picks received, whereas with autotrading, unless they deactivate the autotrading option the robot will continue to trade the signals picks generated.

Traders can easily miss out on a trading opportunity when relying on binary options signals if they are not close to one of the provider’s selected forms of delivery. Some binary options robots service providers deliver their signals through multiple platforms including SMS, web, and Email, but others only deliver via web, or email. This means that you can easily miss out on a signal if you are not in a position to receive the alert. On the contrary, in autotrading the trader’s input is not required. Once a trader has applied the various filters on the binary options robot as per his/her preferred trading style, the robot takes care of the rest. So no binary options trading opportunities are missed.

With binary options signals, the level of win-rate can be affected by time lapse between when a trader receives a signal and when he/she actually acts on it. While the providers always indicate a certain trading window within which the trader must act, it always better to act instantaneously. It’s not possible to do that manually. However, with autotrading, the binary options robot applies the trade instantaneously thereby eliminating any potential time lapses.

With binary options signals, it is more difficult to apply certain trading strategies that make use of popular binary options trading systems such as the Martingale and the Fibonacci systems. However, with autotrading, using such a strategy is pretty easy especially if the binary option robot is equipped with the three main trading systems.

With binary options signals, the trader’s average win-rate can greatly be affected depending ln the signals he chooses to act on. It’s possible that one trader could end up being more than another despite using the same service over the same period due to the differences in signals executed. On the other hand, if you follow/copy a certain trader’s trades, then you can be sure to expect the same results at the end of the given trading session.

The signals are generated by the technical indicators that you choose in your trading rules. For beginners, we recommend using the Trend following strategy.

7 Binary Options

There are a lot of binary option robots out there but not all of them live up to their billing. Therefore, if you are intent on finding the best binary options trading robot, then BinaryRobot365 is a nice place to start.

BinaryRobot365 is a binary option trading robot developed in 2020 by a team of expert traders with extensive experience in financial trading. The robot has already gained multiple rave reviews since launching at the beginning of the year and has now established a membership of more than 5,000 users.

The service is offered at no charge, which means that there is no sign up fee required. In order to get started, all that is required is deposit funds in the binary options brokerages accounts and download the software.

It is good to note that BinaryRobot365 prefers working with regulated brokers, which is illustrated by the list of brokers it recommends to its traders on the platform. This provider recommends that traders sign up with EU regulated brokers.

BinaryRobot365 is also one of the few binary options robot service providers that consistently displays proof of results on their website homepage. The provider has averaged 90% win-rate since launching early this year.

Using the Software

RobotBinary365 works hand-in-hand with a list of EU regulated brokers. They include Banc de Binary, OptionWeb, StockPair, CherryTrade, OptionRally, and Tradorax. All that is required is to download the software and sign-up for an account with one of these brokers in order to start using the provider’s auto-trading service.

Next after signing up, traders must fund their trading accounts to begin autotrading. All that follows after this step is customization of the various filters to your liking. You choose which indicators, trading system, assets, and expiry periods to apply in your trades.

Then you select the autotrading option for the software to automatically place your trades based on signals generated by the filters you selected. Some of the notable filters in the software include:

Choosing the assets to trade in, selecting the technical indicators to apply when generating trading opportunities (amongst, the Trend Indicator, RSI, Williams Indicator, MACD, Stochastic Indicator, and CCI Indicator), and selecting the trading system to use (amongst the Martingale system, Fibonacci System, and the Classic system), among others.

Traders are also required to enter the amount to invest per trade before then choosing the option of whether or not to automate the trading process. After activating automated trading, the BinaryRobot365 takes care of the entire trading activity based on the filters applied.

Top 5 Users For June 2020:

So how do you determine which trading system to use?

BinaryRobot365 is designed in such a way that every trader, whether novice or experienced can find a place for it in their trading strategy. This has been facilitated by the provision of three trading systems, which are suited for different types of traders.

The Classic System: This system has been developed with beginners and novice traders in mind. It is used by traders only interested in applying simple trading strategies. The amount invested per trade remains standard regardless of the outcome of the previous trade.

Martingale System: This system is tailor-made for traders with experience in risk management tactics. It also requires traders with significant cash flow for investing purposes. Ideally, traders double the amount invested per trade after every losing trade until they record a winning trade after which the system reverts to the initial starting amount put by the trader. This is system is also used by traders who wish to grow their trading accounts quicker, given the success rate of their trades.

Fibonacci System: This is a rather more sophisticated trading system which requires traders that have a little more experience in binary options strategies. It relies on algorithmic trade sizes whereby the next trade amount is determined based on the results of the previous trade. For instance, if the previous trade was a loss, then the system reduces the next trade amount while if it was a win, the system increases trade amount.

Screenshot of sign up to the robot:

BinaryRobot365 is free to use system, which means to subscription fee is required. However, traders are required to sign up with one the supported brokers.

Customer Service

Traders can contact BinaryRobot365 through the Contact Us page accessible via the provider’s website. BinaryRobot365 has demonstrated commitment by providing timely feedback on enquiries and requests since launching early this year.

Benefits of Using BinaryRobot365


BinaryRobot365 has demonstrated consistently a decent return on investment given its average win-rate of about 90%. The system is barely a year old, but has already managed to send thousands of signals in the process growing membership to more than 15,000. This indicates that BinaryRobot365 has a genuine return rate, which traders can look forward to.

BinaryRobot365 Review

You may have heard about The Bitcoin Code. It is an automatic crypto trading bot. People who use robots and bots tend to make a lot of money when in crypto trading. The Bitcoin Code scans the market to discover different patterns during the formation of trade patterns. After scanning the markets, it then makes the right trades beating any human trader in the system. The Bitcoin Code is just like any other automatic trading services which have been widely utilized in the Forex trade. The technical analysis applied in stock trade and Forex trading uses the same technology employed in the bot.

Patterns applied in crypto trade follow predetermined paths; it is possible to follow the paths through use of bots. The bot scans the charts to discover patterns during their formation. Once the bot has discovered the patterns, it then sells or buys the assets.

How BinaryRobot365 works

Just like other bots which are applied in Forex trade, BinaryRobot365 will analyze charts to discover patterns. Once the bot discovers a pattern, it will then decide to either buy or sell an asset. The main focus of the bot is buying the asset when the price is low and sells it when the price increases.

You may have noted in online trading some trades are carried out very fast. Some are even completed in a matter of seconds. It even happens to me where is placed a trade, and in less than a second, the transaction was over. The fast trades are being carried out by bots just like BinaryRobot365.

According to many online trading platforms, most of the trades made are executed by bots. The bots are in most cases making all the profits. The main reason for the bots making huge profits is their ability to make trades within a short period of discovering a pattern.

Humans tend to discover patterns after 10 to 15 minutes. During the period, bots would have discovered it early and made all the necessary trades. Human traders end up buying the coins at high prices from the bots. People make money by utilizing the trading bots. Bots make profits while human traders end up making losses.

It is an open secret in the trading business. For you to make a profit, there should be someone buying your assets at a higher price so that you can make profits. The person buying the assets high can even end up making losses.

Is BinaryRobot365 accurate?

Yes, it always buys assets when prices are low and sells them when the price increases. It discovers trend reversals immediately and makes necessary trades in a matter of seconds. Humans cannot achieve the accuracy of the bots because there are more than 1,000 assets on the trade. A bot such as BinaryRobot365 can analyze the assets automatically and make necessary changes.

For example, the price of Apple can be $170; a bot can discover trend reversal and buy the asset immediately. Human traders will discover the trend reversal after about 4 hours. The price may have reached $190. The human traders will start buying, and the bot will sell to them at a profit.

The system works very fast. It performs the operations several times in a day. The small profits will then accumulate making your trade profitable.

Loss prevention

The system has loss prevention mechanism which makes it hard for you to lose. For example, if you bought an Apple share at $170 and the system detects price drop, it will immediately sell the share at $168 to prevent more losses.

It senses a drop and sells the asset fast only to buy them when the value is at the lowest. The highest you can lose when using the bot is about 5%, and you will end up making up to 100% profit in the winning trades. It applies auto stops which mean you cannot lose more than 5% on any given trade.


The bot is free. It is made free because it will receive a commission from sites where it will refer you to trade. It recommends you to sign up for sites which accept $250 investment from where you can end up making money.

Final words

If you are looking for a way you can trade crypto coins efficiently, then you need to sign up and start utilizing BinaryRobot365.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Ideal for beginners!
    Free Demo Account + Free Trading Education!
    Get a Sign-up Bonus:


    2nd place in the ranking!

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