Digital wallet Skrill (Moneybookers)

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Skrill (Formerly Moneybookers) on Android: A Review

Are you curious about a mobile payment app called Skrill?

Well then, look no further.

We tried the Skrill app to test whether it’s worth it, and we are here to share our sentiments about it to help you. So, if you want to know more about this app, then read on.

In today’s time, we are using our smartphones in every little thing that we do. We use it in our daily tasks, homework, work assignments, and more. So it is no surprise that there are now ways to pay your bills, purchases, and more using a mobile application.

Here’s the thing:

These mobile payment apps are like mobile wallets, where you can store your digital money. They are similar to credit or debit cards because by using them, you can not use actual cash or cheques but still purchase services and merchandise.

Applications like this have become so popular that dozens of them are available for download in the App Store. We have also previously discussed some of the well-known ones before, like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and PayPal.

For this article, we are going to discuss a mobile payment app called Skrill. Skrill is similar to all the other apps we have previously reviewed, but what makes it unique is that it has different advantages and limitations than any of the other applications.

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Now, for you to know more about this application we have found, we made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

So if you want to know if you should try this app, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Key Features of Skrill

Skrill, previously known as MoneyBookers, is a digital wallet app that lets you shop even if you have no physical cash. This app gives users a chance to pay for the products and services they avail from online stores, physical shops, and more without having to take out cash from their physical wallets. Sending money to family and friends and receiving money from work is also possible with just a few clicks on this application.

Now, to let you know more about Skrill here is a list containing some of its key features:

  • Easily transfer money from and to anyone all around the globe.
  • Loading of funds through credit and debit cards, bank transfer, ACH, and other global payment methods are possible.
  • Skrill Visa cards are also available for users that want to use ATMs to withdraw cash.
  • Withdrawals are also possible by connecting your Skrill account with your bank accounts.
  • Send money to other Skrill account users easily and quickly.
  • Pay for products and services you avail online.
  • Checking of an account’s balance can be done anywhere and anytime.
  • Real-time notifications will update users for each transaction that happens.
  • Online support is also readily available for anyone having trouble.

If you are interested in wanting to know more about Skrill and want to test it our for yourself, then go ahead and click the Google Play button below. It will direct you to the official Skrill app.

Skrill App Logo

Advantages of Using Skrill

In using the Skrill app you will get a ton of advantages. It’s a great digital wallet app for when you want to pay for your purchases digitally. It makes transactions way easier.

But, if you are still not convinced in using this app, then you need to read on and see some of the things we think are advantages of using Skrill.

Online Payments

A lot of online shops like Amazon, Sephora, Airbnb, and Shopee accept payments online via digital wallets. This way it would be easier for customers to pay for the products they are buying without having to disclose their debit or credit card information.

Skrill is also one of the digital wallet apps that offer this feature to its users. It lets users pay for the items they bought from online partner stores with just a few clicks.

Skrill to Other Digital Wallet Apps Transactions

Other digital wallet apps that can transact with Skrill

If you are looking for an app that lets you send money to other digital wallet apps, then you should check Skrill out.

Skrill lets its users send and receive money from various digital wallet applications. It does not matter whether you are using Skrill or a different app. The transactions you do in this app are also quite quick and easy. It will not take much of your time.

To further help you in knowing which digital wallet apps you can transact with, here are a few of them:

Skrill to Bank Transactions

Linking a card to a Skrill account

Skrill also lets its users connect their bank account to their Skrill account. This way users can transfer money from and to their Skrill accounts with no problems.

But, that is not the only bank transaction you can do with Skrill.

Using Skrill, you can also send and receive money from other bank accounts. And, all transactions are inexpensive. But the best part about this feature is that you can specify in which currency you are going to transfer the funds.

To give you a gist of which banks you can transact with, here are a few of them:

Supports Cryptocurrencies

Skrill supports cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency has been a trend in the last years since it is a great digital asset to have. It makes transactions more secure because of the strong cryptography it has.

Skrill supports cryptocurrencies, meaning you can buy cryptocurrencies using Skrill. Some of the cryptocurrencies you can buy using Skrill are COINGATE, Lykke, SpectroCoin, and Paybis. Buying cryptocurrencies using Skrill is advantageous since the process is in an instant, and is quite easy.

Skrill Card

If all of the things we have listed are not enough to convince you, then we think a Skrill card would.

That is right, Skrill offers its users a MasterCard or a Visa Card that they can own. The card they are offering is a prepaid one. This means that you can reload the card by reloading your Skrill account since the card is connected to your Skrill wallet. Using this card, you can withdraw from any ATM if you ever need to get money from your Skrill account.

Note: You can also use your Skrill card to pay for online purchases and more.

Disadvantages of Using Skrill

Like any digital wallet app, Skrill also has some shortcomings. There are times that some users are not satisfied with the services it provides.

In this article, we want to be honest with you. That is why we also want to share the disadvantages we have encountered while using this app.

Limited to Several Countries

As of the writing of this article, we have found that Skrill is only limited to 35 countries. Here are some of the countries where you can use Skrill:

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Kenya
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Nepal
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Philippines
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • The United Kingdom

This might not be that much of a disadvantage for those people residing in an area where Skrill is available. But, this is still something we consider to be a disadvantage since it limits users’ transactions.

Note: If you want to know the full list of the countries where you can use Skrill then click this link.

Transaction Fees

Woman counting money

Skrill gets fees from the transactions you make.

It charges users $5.50 for when they want to withdraw money from their Skrill accounts. That amount might not be as expensive as you think, but if you are constantly using Skrill to withdraw money that will amount to a lot of money. Although, you can load up your Skrill account for free.

Also, if you were to send money to someone, Skrill will charge you a fee of 1.9% of the amount you are going to send.

Limited Stores Accept Skrill

Woman at the cash register

Some physical stores do not accept Skrill as a payment option. This is also the case for some online stores. So, if you do not own any other digital wallet app aside from Skrill, this can be quite a bummer.

The main use of Skrill to be able to pay for products and services your purchases without the need for physical cash nor credit and debit cards. But, in this case of having limited stores accepting Skrill, it defeats that purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Skrill transfer money to a different digital wallet?

Yes, you can transfer money from your Skrill account to different digital wallet accounts.

Which countries does Skrill support?

Skrill is available in 35 countries. We have also included in our list some of the countries where Skrill is available. You can also check them out by clicking the link we have provided.

What are the shops that accept Skrill payments?

There are a ton of online and physical shops that accepts Skrill as a payment option. Some of these shops are Aéropostale, American Eagle, Dominos, Target, Civilized Cosmetics, eGifter, GoDaddy, DHGate, and Home Depot.

To Sum It All Up

Almost all of the things that we are doing in our everyday lives are now digitalized. So, it is no wonder that even wallets can now be digital. In line with this, Skrill is one of the digital wallet apps you can access with just a few clicks on your phone. With this app, buying products and services are now cashless, quick, and easy.

Did this article help you in knowing more about Skrill? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

Digital wallet Skrill (Moneybookers)

What is Skrill (Moneybookers)?

Simply said, it’s an internet wallet (e-wallet) such as PayPal. This service is free of charge and offers one of the fastest and safest ways of money handling. Skrill can be used for payments, shopping and money transfers online, but not only online. You can even use it to pay for food in your local grocery store.

This London based company has 36 million users worldwide and is one of the leading internet money provider service. On your Skrill account, you’ll find a detailed overview of all your transactions, whether it’s shopping, deposits, payments or money transfers. They also offer customer support, if you have any questions, feel free to contact them.

Why Skrill?

  • With Skrill, you can deposit money to binary options brokers (brokers that support Skrill)
  • Skrill offers an easy, fast and secure way of money handling
  • Skrill is regulated by British regulatory authority (which means that all your money is safe!)
  • One of the biggest advantages is that whenever someone sends you money, you’ll have it in your account in the matter of seconds and then you can use it for shopping or anything you want.
  • Fees are minimal (only 1 % for incoming transactions – maximum 10€ – and 0% for outgoing payments)
  • Skrill is supported by a great amount of foreign stores

How does Skrill work?

First thing you need to do to be able to use digital wallet Skrill is to register and then, nothing stops you from shopping or transferring your money online. Isn’t it easy?

Withdrawing money from Skrill

You withdraw your money from your Skrill account to your bank account with a wire transfer and then you can use it as you wish, i.e.: pay in stores or withdrawing from ATM.

Skrill also offers an option to use their Skrill prepaid card, which can be used as any other debit card, so there is no need to transfer your money to your bank account.


  • Account registration with Skrill is free.
  • Depositing to Skrill through bank transfer has no fees.
  • Deposits done by credit cards Visa, Mastercard have a fee of 1.9% from the deposited amount.
  • Withdrawal through bank transfer or credit card has a fee of around $ 5

Skrill mobile application

If you’re using mobile phone with an operating system Android or iOS (iPhone), Skrill also offers a mobile application that can be used to receive or send money anytime and anywhere. A great advantage of this mobile application is also:

  • Access from anywhere and anytime
  • Easy and secure access to your Skrill account through a PIN code
  • Fast access to history of all your trades and transfers without the need to use a computer

Prepaid Skrill card

After registering for your Skrill account you can ask for a Skrill card. Prepaid Skrill card is available in the following currencies EUR, GBP, USD or PLN. Fee for your Skrill Prepaid MasterCard is 10 € that is going to be deducted from your Skrill account once a year.

Skrill card Advantages

  • Accepted by 35 million stores and 1,9 million ATMs worldwide
  • Easy-to-use
  • No obligations
  • Spend only the amount you’ve deposited – and you can deposit nonstop. ��

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What is Skrill Digital Wallet and how does it work?

The Skrill Digital Wallet offers you safe, convenient and swift online payments anytime and anywhere. You can:

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  • Locally, to friends and family’s bank accounts, mobile wallets or Skrill accounts
  • to and from various merchants (purchase goods and services, etc.)

2. conveniently access your funds with the Skrill card products

Our very active customers enjoy various and exclusive benefits such as our VIP and Ambassador program.

Signing up takes just a few minutes!

*The availability of our Skrill card products differs depending on your country of residence.

*The availability to buy and cell Cryptocurrencies differs depending on your country of residence.

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