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Difference Between Forex And Binary Options

When new traders are first starting to figure out what they want to invest in, they are usually indecisive about which trading route they should take. The choice typically comes down to Binary options and Forex since they are the most accessible form of trading for someone who doesn’t want to invest a huge amount of money to get started.

There are quite a few differences between forex trading and binary options, as there are similarities, so it’s not surprising that beginner traders feel confused by the choice. We will go over these characteristics to give you a better idea on what they have in common and how they differ. Our rundown will hopefully help you figure out which market may be better suited for you.

Similarities Between Forex and Binary Options

  1. With both types, you are trading online and whenever the market is open. This typically means that for both types, trading takes place during the week and around the clock
  2. To begin trading there is no need to invest large sums of money
  3. Both types of trading require a prediction on asset movement – regardless of the asset type
  4. Both binary options and forex are tradable within short time frames. Forex also allows for long term positions

Differences Between Forex and Binary Options

Surprisingly, there are quite a bit more differences between Forex and Binary Options than one might imagine. Let’s see what are they:

Fixed vs Flexible Outcome

When you trade with binary options you are immediately aware of the two possible outcomes of the trade. This means that both risk and profit are fixed. Depending on the specific broker’s returns and your investment, you are never in doubt about how much you stand to gain or lose.

Forex is a bit different, meaning there are a lot more variables in play. Depending on your trading strategy this might be both good and bad. The risk factor can be controlled by a stop loss feature, however, market conditions may make the trade not able to be executed. This may result in losses bigger than anticipated. If you decide not to use a stop loss function, then the trade risk is basically unknown.

Variability is a big differing factor between the two types. With binary options trading, you are well aware of your profit and risk before it expires. However, with forex trading, your potential risk and profit are not known until the trade is closed. Depending on what kind of a trader you are, this can be a great thing seeing that fixed profit and loss leaves very little room for flexibility when it comes to risk and reward ratio.

Reward – Loss Ratio

Like we mentioned, with forex you are able to customize your potential reward in relation to your risk. Placing a trade with a stop loss function can leave you expecting a $100 loss but at the same time, you stand to possibly gain $300.

With binary options, you are typically seeing reward being less than your risk. If you lose the trade, you normally lose your complete trade investment. If you win, on the other hand, you returns are usually 60% to 80%.

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When it comes to percentages, with binary options you would need a winning percentage of about 55% or higher to break even or make a profit. With forex, you are able to make a profit even if you lose more trades than you win.

The flexibility of forex trading is certainly appealing, however, there are a lot of traders of all profiles that prefer the simplicity and transparency of binary options trading.

Price Movement Range

The range of price movement is another thing where binary options enthusiasts are in a possibly better position than forex traders. When the price of an underlying asset is making only small movements, binary options traders can still get their 60% to 80% payout, while forex traders need higher volatility rates to be able to make a satisfactory profit.

With forex, you have to be able to predict not just the price direction but also the magnitude of the movement.

When trading binary options you do not need to think about the magnitude of the price movement whatsoever. You get your fixed profit regardless, as long as you correctly predict the price direction within a predetermined time frame.

Time Frame Ranges

When it comes to time frames, that is another significant difference between the two types of trading. With binary options you are working with time frames that are already predetermined for you, your only job is to select the one you want. With forex, on the other hand, time frames range from 1 second to months. You can open and close the trade whenever you wish.

Those traders that like the sense of transparency and simplicity of knowing fixed risks and rewards along with predetermined time frames will wholeheartedly choose binary options. Others may prefer the flexibility of forex trading because they feel they are able to succeed more in a more adaptable trading environment.

Which Trading Method Suits You The Best? Try Out a Demo Account!

Obviously, this is just a short summary we provided for you in order to help you decide which trading type you might prefer, not a conclusive list of all possible similarities and differences.

As you are probably able to tell, both markets provide a fertile ground for maximizing profit potential. The only thing you need to decide is where you would feel more comfortable, taking into account your existing trading style, if you have one.

If you are a complete beginner and you are simply unable to deduce where you stand to possibly profit the most, make sure you educate yourself on binary options and forex trading. That way you know you will make the best possible decision for yourself and your trading future.

Like we noted previously, both forex and binary options have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on which characteristics are important to you and which will make you make better trading choices. We would strongly suggest you open a demo account with both a forex broker and binary options broker in order to decide which one is for you, without actually spending real funds while experimenting. Demo accounts are an amazing way of practicing and developing strategies while trading in a risk-free environment.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide

This kind of trading is different from traditional trading, and you should understand the risks and rewards involved. In this guide about the basics, we’ll take a closer look at binary options trading for beginners, what assets you can trade and why some might be better than others, also how traders can benefit from using this trading method.

Trading in financial markets can be challenging and risky, especially when it comes to rapidly changing markets like Forex. Forex is the most liquid market in the world and represents a turnover of more than $5 trillion per day. And although you can potentially make a profit, you can also lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.

Enter Binary Options trading! Binary trading gives you a choice between two chosen outcomes, basically predicting what you think an asset will do or where its price will end up. In addition to trading in Forex, you can trade with a variety of other assets too. You can trade with commodities, stocks and indices as well.

In this guide, you will learn:

    How to trade binary options successfully Which assets are easier to trade with Why a systematic approach makes money

Take your next step:

What Are Binary Options

Binary trading has become very popular with traders as it’s potentially easier to make a profit. In basic terms, you have only one of two outcomes, and this new investment venture is very attractive to beginner traders. Trading is available to the public and experienced traders alike, with various online platforms available for traders to use. It’s also the perfect option for previously disheartened investors, especially those who took a hit during the global financial crisis in 2008.

Binary trading spans all significant assets. These assets include commodities, indices, stocks and currencies. It’s much easier to trade with compared to more traditional methods and does not require a substantial investment. You can also make a decent profit on the values of an asset in a relatively short period, sometimes in minutes. Since the profit potential is quite good, you can have a significant return on investment (ROI), especially with the right broker and platform.

Binary trading requires you to predict that an asset will either “put” or “call”.

How to Start Trading

Binary trading requires you to predict that an asset will either “put” or “call”. When you predict a “put” options, you predict that the value of an asset will fall. When you predict a “call” option, you predict that the value of an asset will rise. The first step is to choose the asset that you will be trading on. The more familiar you are with the market, the better your chances of making the right predictions.

Advanced traders can make use of a “Touch” or “No Touch” trades. This strategy is used to benefit from trending behaviours of specific stock market prices. Touch options give traders a competitive edge as they can analyse and read market indicators before deciding on a trade. Additional advanced techniques involve using auto trading robots and other smart software.

As a trader, you are not required to buy the asset you want to trade with; you only decide whether the price of the asset will go up or down during a specific period. You put money on your prediction, without having to buy they stock option. The fact you don’t have to purchase physical stocks is why binary trading is so popular among traders.

What Assets Are Available

As mentioned, you can trade many different assets with options trading. Popular asset types include indices, Forex, commodities, and stocks. Let’s go over each of these in more detail.

Indices are one of the most popular assets among traders. These indices include Nasdaq, FTSE, Dow Jones, Hang Seng, and more. One benefit that attracts binary options traders is the fact that you don’t have to purchase shares in any of the listed companies, nor do you have to deal with stockbrokers.

Forex represents all major currencies like USD, GBP, AUD, EUR and more. There is no limit on the number of currency pairs you can choose, and some platforms offer you the ability to trade in many exotic and minor currencies as well. You may even decide to pair Bitcoins with UK pounds; Bitcoins is not regulated but can be traded internationally and by any central bank or government.

Commodities are also very popular for binary traders to trade. Physical commodities include gold, silver, coffee, oil, and more. You will predict whether the value of a commodity goes up or down. Binary options trading is popular on commodities since buying a unit of these can be expensive and can also lead to other costs such as security and storage.

Stocks options represent some of the most notable companies in the world, including Google, Coca-Cola, Facebook, and so on. Public opinion highly influences stocks meaning, prices may fluctuate quite often. Due to these substantial fluctuations stock trading a bit riskier than some of the other assets on offer. Still, it offers many advantages, such as the fact that traders do not have to buy or own any shares to profit.

How to Make a Profit

As you may have worked out from reading our binary options beginners guide, the best way to make a profit from is to take a systematic approach and make informed decisions. If you are a beginner, be patient, pick one of the best brokers and start small. You need to come up with a profitable strategy to ensure that your possible losses stay small while you work toward more substantial gains. There is no big secret to success, only to follow proven, simple guidelines.

Binary options traders will tell you to diversify your trades. Do not work with a broker who does not allow you to choose your trades according to your specific needs. The smaller the number of available assets you have, the more you limit your potential profits. The available assets are a vital part of binary options basics.

If you choose to trade Forex options, you have the potential to make a lot of money if you are early. There are many events during the day that can influence the value of a specific currency. You should have access to the latest news and react when you get a tip.

Shelly is proud of her current position as Head of Brand for a well-known organisation that owns several brokerages in the trading sector. She’s consulted for us since 2020 and readers can benefit from her insider knowledge of how brokers work.

What Are Binary Options & How do They Work: Complete Guide

Binary options are a straightforward form of derivatives that differ slightly from vanilla options and convey fixed profit/loss and risk to investors. Binary options present a simple question of whether or not the price of the underlying asset will be above or below a strike price at a point in the future.

Most binary options trading occurs outside of the U.S. as they are strictly regulated by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and are only available in specific formats on regulated exchanges in the country.

Binary options are simple methods for hedging risk or speculating on the price of multiple forms of assets with a predetermined risk and potential for profit or loss. However, many binary options are considered gambling or fraudulent, which is why they are strictly regulated in the U.S., and illicit outlets are pursued by FBI worldwide.

Several outlets for cryptocurrency binary options are available. However, they are not recommended for beginners as they carry high risk and are involved with an emerging asset class that is still undergoing regulatory maturity. Facebook, Google, and Twitter all banned specific binary options advertising along with cryptocurrency ads last year.

Difference Between Vanilla Options and Binary Options

Financial options are derivatives contracts that offer an investor the right to buy or sell an option representing an underlying asset at a strike price at a specific date. Investors are not obliged to buy or sell the option; they only receive the right to do so at an agreed upon price. Investors can profit or sustain losses on the difference in the price of the asset compared to the strike price.

American and European options differ in one significant measure. Traders of American options can buy or sell the option any time before the expiration date of the contract while European traders have to wait until the expiration of the contract to exercise the option. In American options, traders can exercise the option before the expiration of the contract to lock in profits or minimize losses, however, profits are usually reduced if the contract is exercised before expiry.

Options are great for increasing earning potential without buying on margin or borrowing. Vanilla options enable investors to actually own the underlying asset in the derivative contract, and profits/losses vary depending on the extent of movement of the asset’s price.

Binary options differ from vanilla options in that traders are not given an opportunity to hold a position in the underlying asset. Instead, profits and risk are typically fixed on a per option basis — the overall profits are not affected by the extent of movement in the underlying price of the asset, only whether or not it was above or below the strike price.

How Binary Options Work

Mot binary options are traded outside of the U.S., and they can be used as speculation for a suite of assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies. They are very straightforward but contain nuances depending on the broker and in what jurisdiction you are trading.

For example, binary options trading via a regulated American exchange would work as follows for a forex option.

If Exchange A offers binary options in the U.S., all the options would either expire at $100 or $0 with traders capable of exiting before the expiry of the contract. A binary option presented to a trader for the EUR/USD trading pair would be:

“Will EUR/USD trade above 1.2000 at 12 AM on April 1st, 2020?”

Traders can either choose to buy or sell the option. If they buy, then they expect the price of the EUR in USD to be above 1.2000 at 12 AM on April 1st, 2020. If they sell, then they presume the price of EUR in USD will be equal to or below 1.2000 at the contract’s expiration on April 1st, 2020.

If Alice expects the EUR/USD pair to be above 1.2000 at the expiry date, and the current ask price is $40 for the option, she can buy the option contract for $40. If the EUR/USD pair trades at higher than 1.2000 at the expiration date, then Alice’s contract is now worth $100. Subtract her $40 from $100 and her profit is $60. If the pair trades below 1.2000 at the time of expiration, Alice loses her $40.

In American options., Alice can exit her position before the April 1st, 2020 deadline — in European binary options, she cannot. For reference, not all binary option outlets operate with $100 binary options, but that is the standard and is what U.S. binary exchanges like Nadex use.

Alice could even acquire multiple binary options for her position. So, if she bought 3 of the same trading pair options, her cost would be $120 for a potential profit of $180.

Notably, Alice’s losses will never exceed the amount she spent on the option (i.e., $40), presenting a discernable risk/reward ratio before making the trade. Her profit or loss does not depend on the extent of the trading pair’s movement, only that it is above or below a certain threshold — payouts are fixed.

Binary Option Brokers

There are a few brokers which offer Binary Options trading, perhaps the most well known is IQ Option, which we have covered before on Blockonomi. IQOption actually have a free demo account which gives you $10,000 so you can use that to see if it’s for you or not.

Before deciding to trade Binary options, you should make sure you are well aware of the risks involved, it’s possible to quickly lose money quickly if you do not know what you are doing; they are not for beginners.

You should also be aware of the laws surrounding them in your country – the brokers will let you know whether your country is covered.

Here are the brokers we have reviewed:

Advantages of Binary Options

Binary options are straightforward and excellent for traders who wish to engage with various asset markets with a fixed risk and reward before trading. Binary options are typically used for speculation, but can also be used to hedge risk.

American options are more ideal as they allow traders to exit their position before the expiration of the contract, but most binary outlets around the world do not permit exiting before contract expiration. The U.S. binary exchanges are regulated by the CFTC, and the leading exchange for binary options is Nadex — based in Chicago.

The fixed risk of binary options is their critical advantage. Risk management can be a stressful and complicated ordeal in broader financial instruments and markets. Pinpointing risk and control clarifies speculation opportunities for traders not looking to deal with more complex financial vehicles.

Disadvantages of Binary Options

Regulation of binary option outlets is fragmented, and the onus is on traders to do their own research and properly vet binary option exchanges outside the U.S. Many governments classify binary options as high-risk and unpredictable — akin to outright gambling.

Binary options trading is banned in Israel, and the European Union banned binary options for retail traders last year and recently extended the ban.

In general, binary options carry considerable risk, no matter what jurisdiction or exchange used. Tightly regulated exchanges in the U.S. are the most cautious move for trading binary options, and trading outside the U.S. is hazardous for retail investors.

Binary options involving cryptocurrencies and digital assets are even more precarious as they are not regulated, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and the industry is already predisposed to endemic fraud and scams.


Binary options are a simple proposition for market speculation of diverse assortments of assets but carry inherent risks. The ability to discern precise risk/reward degrees from trading with binary options is useful for traders looking for a straightforward investment tool. However, trading binary options should be consigned to tightly regulated exchanges in financially prudent jurisdictions.

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