Panda TS Review

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Panda TS Review


There are few main platform providers in the binary options industry that are similar to each other, but Panda TS is not one of them. The Panda TS review discovers the main differences between Panda TS platform and the leaders of the industry. As you know, it is not always the case of being big, it is the case of being good.

Find out everything about the platform in our Panda TS binary options platform review!

Desktop App: No Tech. Analysis: No

WebTrader: Yes News Feed: Yes

Mobile Apps: Yes Social Trading: Yes

Panda TS: About the Company

The Panda TS is the Israeli-based company, which was founded in the 2007 and started it’s business as a platform provider for the Forex brokers. The core of its business is the provision of the web-trading Forex platform that is based on the Meta Trader 4 and allows to log in using the same login information. It was found out by the Panda TS review, that except for the web trading platform and binary options trading platform, the company provides such services as iPhone platform, Multi Account Manager, sync servers and push servers.

The binary options platform of the Panda TS was first presented in the 2020. The provided software is mainly used by the CTOption binary options broker. Unfortunately, the Panda TS platform review was not successful enough to get the full list of the brokers, which use this platform.

The fast response time and the trade replication possibility make this platform special. The platform advertises the binary options script trading, but at the time of the review the script did not actually work.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Ideal for beginners!
    Free Demo Account + Free Trading Education!
    Get a Sign-up Bonus:


    2nd place in the ranking!

Panda TS Types of Options

Using Panda TS platform, you are able to use 4 binary options trading types.

It is classical binary options trading type. You just have to decide if the price of the instrument will be higher or lower than the execution price after selected time. The available timeframes vary from 15 minutes to three hours or the market closure. The average payout on this instrument varies from 70% to 80%.

Actually, the Panda TS Platform review did not find out any differences between hyper and high/low trading except for the time-frames, which are 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. Another difference is the decreased payout which is 65% on average at this type of trading.

In this type of trade you have to predict if the price of trading instrument will touch the given level in 15 minutes.

The range trading is designed for the traders that can predict if the instrument will stay in the presented range or will it break the upper or lower level of the range.

Panda TS Platform Review

The Panda TS platform is a web-platform, so there is no headache with software downloads and operating system compatibilities. You just open the website, put your login and the password, press Enter and you start making money.

The review has to highlight, that the platform differs from those, presented by the market leaders.

Even though, the platform has news rss feed, trade replicator and binary auto trading feature, it is still fast and order execution is made in moments. The process of order creation is easy and does not require any special skills, you just pick the instrument, decide on the trade and amount and that’s it.

All trades are presented in the dashboard in the lower part of the screen, so you can track your current and past progress. Furthermore, the notifications of the finished trades are shown in the right part of the screen, which Panda TS review finds to be informative and useful.

The possibility of opening one instrument in the new window or fullscreen graph was not found by the Binary Options Hub, so you are always stuck with the full list of instruments and the small graph, representing current market situation. Also, the list of the instruments cannot be filtered and moved, so you will always have to search for the instrument by scrolling through the page.

The trade replicator made in easy way, and does not require any special knowledge or skills. You just open it, decide on the trader, click on copy and decide on the amount you are willing to invest. The Binary Options Hub will not recommend you to use the copy trading, but you are free to do whatever you want.

Panda TS SmartPhone Apps

As a good addition to the web-trading platform, the company provides traders with iOS and Android OS apps.

The Panda TS review of the mobile applications found them to be light and easy-to-use. They also display the full list of the trading instruments on the main screen, but the selected instrument opens in the new screen, so you can clearly see the graph. The order execution process is not more difficult that the one, presented in the web-platform and has the same order creation steps.

Overall, the applications are comfortable, and can be used for the mobile trading if that is what you desire.

On the other hand, the Binary Options Hub, was dissatisfied with the synchronization process. The process took significantly more time than on the web-platform, and sometimes application just freezed while we were trying to switch between the instruments.

Panda TS Review Conclusion

The Panda TS platform has its own pros and cons. On the one hand, if you are in the binary options trading for the social trading or script trading – it can be your choice. Also, if you are the citizen on the USA or JApan – you are not left with much of a choice, so the Panda TS used by the CTOption can be a solid decision for you.

On the other hand, the platform lacks such possibilities as a full screen chart displaying, instrument filtering and instrument highlighting. Also, the mobile platforms are definitely not one of the best, presented in the market.

So, the choice is yours, but the Panda TS review of the Binary Options Hub gives the platform 3 stars out of 5.

Panda TS Brokers


Min. Deposit: $250 Demo: Yes

Platform: Panda TS Bonus: N/A

Regulation: N/A US Clients: Yes

Panda TS Software Review

If you are looking for the right binary options trading platform to meet your requirements, this Panda TA review aims to give you all of the essential facts that you need to make an informed decision.
Panda TS is a company that was founded in 2007 and has its base in Israel. Having founded its business on providing trading platforms for the Forex market, its core is still in the provision of Forex web-trading platforms. Their binary options trading platform was developed and presented in 2020 and since have been adopted by several brokers including CT Option.
This trading platform requires no complex and memory consuming software downloads as it is a web platform that is simply accessed via an internet browser. This not only means that users have no need to worry about their computer’s operating system or memory capabilities, but it also means that the platform can operate much more quickly and seamlessly, allowing for the rapid trades that are essential in binary options trading. Charts are fast on this platform and prices are constantly updating. There is only negligible wait time and the platform is extremely responsive.

Panda TS have developed a platform that has plenty of excellent features but that is still user friendly and intuitive to use. Order execution is able to be made in seconds, with the process being easy without requiring any special skills. Even novice traders can manage to select their instrument, trade and amount in order to place their trade quickly.

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Option Types Offered by Panda TS

The Panda TS trading software gives traders several choices of binary options to trade with. These include the following:


The classic and most simplistic binary options trading type, traders simply decide whether the price of their chosen asset will either be lower or higher than its execution price at the time of its expiry. There are several timeframes available to select from, from as short a period as 15 minutes to three hours, or even right up until the closure of the market. Average payouts for this option vary from 70-80%.


Hyper is very similar to High/Low trading, although the timeframes used are much shorter, making this the most suitable choice for any investor who loves the thrill of the fast paced trade. The timeframes available start at as short a period as 30 seconds and encompass 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute options. This results in a decreased payout which is around 65% for this type of trade.

One Touch

This option type allows traders to predict whether the price of their chosen instrument will reach their chosen level within 15 minutes.


This binary option is designed for those traders who would like to predict whether the price of their chosen instrument will either stay within its specified range or whether it will break the lower or upper level of its range boundary.

Special Features of the Panda TS Trading Platform

The Panda TS trading platform has a number of special features which are designed to improve the overall trading experience. These include:

Automated Trading

Automated trading is one of the most popular ways of executing trades today, and the Panda TS platform has integrated this facility into their trading interface, allowing even novices to make a profit without needing to spend extended periods of time sitting in front of a computer screen.

Trade Replicator

This is another feature which is very useful for beginners as it requires no specialist skills or knowledge to use. Investors simply select which trader they would like to copy, decide the amount they wish to invest and execute their trade.

Panda TS Binary Options Trading Platform for Mobiles

Panda TS offers not only a seamless and rapid desktop trading experience, but they also offer an impressive mobile trading platform which is perfect for investors who prefer to monitor their assets and execute trades while on the go. An excellent complement to the web-based platform, the downloadable app is available for both Android devices and iOS operating systems and can be downloaded from either the Apple Marketplace or the Google Play Store. Light and simple to use, the Panda TS mobile app displays the complete list of trading instruments on its primary screen, but after an instrument is selected it opens in a new window allowing traders to see the graph clearly. The process of ordering an execution is no more difficult then in the web-platform and is carried out in the same manner.

Overall, the Panda TS binary options software is a solid and reliable choice, especially for those who enjoy trading via their mobile phone. As it is a web-platform it is fast and efficient, and the interface is user friendly enough to suit the needs of both beginner and more advanced traders.

Panda TS


The company Panda TS was founded in 2007 and is a leading provider of brokerage technologies that offers advanced solutions and advisory services in the brokerage industry. Firm offers trading systems to market participants with a complete set of solutions, low latency trading instumentov and web technology. They assist market participants to accelerate reaction to market trends and the adoption of new features while minimizing operational risks and costs. Company’s mission is to provide financial firms with cutting edge solutions to ‘lead the pack’ in their particular sector within their industry.

Rating chart

Additional Information

Panda TS Reviews

Lewi Decker from United States of America

Panda TS provide panda wallet service to the customer. It provides combined Forex and CFD brokerage on one platform under a single brand. They are very friendly with excellent support and resolve our problems very fast. I am fully satisfied with the service.

Elliot Poljak from United States of America

I got Panda TS as the powerful trading platform for my business. They are able to provide with best online brokerages with a range of products and services specifically customized to meet their business needs.

Keith Steffen from United States of America

Find the best solutions for your business regarding VPS and system integration with Pandats. They are very helping to clients to stay ahead of a complete solution for trading.

Justin Chandler from United States of America

I am really satisfied with the PandaTS trading platform. It works seamlessly across all devices. It integrates perfectly to CRM services. We like its lead growing functionality. They provide me great and fast solutions within a short time period.

Marvin Broxton from United States of America

Nice to deal with real professionals. The guys are great fellows and excellence in their field! They catch everything perfectly, work well and smoothly, respond promptly towards my requests. Thank you!

Maurice Sauer from United States of America

If you are facing any trading service problem for your business or for your startups, you can go for Panda TS. They provide a complete solution for your trading. They always provide excellent and fast services to the customer. I get best experienced from Pandats team. They provide me useful and good solution as per my requirement.

Conrad Hoskins from United States of America

It is one of the best online trading platform. They provide CFD Brokerage services to the customer. Recently, I got classic embedded platform from Panda TS for my business. Which provide me good solution for my brokrage plateform. We are happy with the service.

TimothyWebster from United States of America

I used Panda TS Platform for my business. It’s a very good trading platform for the brokers. It provides a complete solution for your startup business. If you are facing any problem regarding business or for your startups, you can go for Pandats. I like their 24/7 support and excellent service.

Tyson Cawood from United Kingdom

If you are facing a problem regarding your business for online financial trading, you can go for Panda TS. I get the best experience from Pandats team. They provide me fully web-based platform as per my requirement within a time frame.

William England from United States of America

I used Panda TS platform to get trading base environment for my business but besides I get the best ever experience from Pandats team. They provide me fully functional platfrom as per my requirment within time frame.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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