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ProfitPlay – binary options broker review

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in Russia

Overview of promising binary options brokers: Profitplay

In modern conditions to create a profitable brokerage firm is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially when it comes to a company that plans to provide financial services without violating the law. To explain this trend is not difficult:

в—Џ high competition;

в—Џ low level of trust in newly created companies;

в—Џ availability of less risky investment programs;

● A large number of fraudsters in the financial services market, as well as the so-called “kitchens”, “bookmakers” and other companies that use semi-legal income-generating schemes.

But, despite the difficulties listed above, many finance experts continue to create brokerage firms, having no doubt that they are making the right choice. For example, the binary options broker Profitplay, operating in this market for no more than 3 years, attracts the attention of traders, financial analysts, managers and other professionals in the industry. This fact is one of the most convincing, proving that online trading has a future. And any of the investors can test their strength and capabilities by engaging in financial and digital assets. What is needed for this? Consider a specific example, using the previously mentioned Profitplay – binary options broker, who managed to collect a decent amount of both positive and negative reviews.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Ideal for beginners!
    Free Demo Account + Free Trading Education!
    Get a Sign-up Bonus:


    2nd place in the ranking!

How Profitplay Proves Its Competitive Advantage

Experienced analysts, financiers and programmers in 2020 created a brokerage firm, successfully combining the latest technical solutions with the conclusions of specialists in the field of binary options and online trading. As a result, despite the competition in this field of activity, users received a product of the highest quality. By offering their customers both traditional assets (USD / EUR, gold or silver) and rare ones (for example, Kazakhstan tenge / Mexican peso), the project organizers managed to interest many experienced and novice traders. At the same time, they created, did not forget about such important things as safety, training and comfort of their users.

ProfitPlay Security

Technical specialists have implemented not only the latest developments on their website, but also made an application for Profitplay, which is constantly evolving and in no way inferior to the legendary platforms. Due to this, clients of the brokerage firm may not worry about the safety of money, personal information or the speed of the tasks.

Among the key points aimed at the safety of service users, the following should be highlighted:

в—Џ availability of technical support, working around the clock, seven days a week;

в—Џ low cash rates to start trading;

в—Џ a special user agreement regulating relations between participants in the sales process;

в—Џ Before withdrawing money from a trading account, mandatory verification is provided (additional protection for your g).

But some traders, planning to register a login on Profitplay, believe that for a broker who has not worked on the world market for even three years, the above evidence is not enough. As a rule, they are interested in having a license for the right to provide financial services.

ProfitPlay Regulator

In this case, the broker company in question is regulated by the Financial Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission. The fact that the members of the organization are China, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and other powerful economic countries has a positive effect on its image. Of course, the organization has not yet reached the level of the UK Financial Regulatory Authority, but even the experienced traders are quite happy with the work of the EAEU.

Training atВ ProfitPlay

Submitted brokerage firm offers customers its own list of training materials.

в—Џ Educational articles.

в—Џ Video lessons.

в—Џ Services of personal managers.

Having carefully studied the educational materials, even a person without economic education will be able to understand:

в—Џ how the financial market works;

в—Џ what factors influence the value of assets;

в—Џ what is needed to create a trading strategy;

в—Џ what types of binary options exist, etc.

But most traders believe that the most important learning element is on a Profitplay demo account. It allows him to study in practice all the subtleties of binary options trading and independently choose the optimal direction in this field of activity. In this case, the beginner does not have to invest huge sums of money to obtain the necessary knowledge. The only paid services in this sector are the help of a personal manager and the analysis of some trading strategies.

Rules for Profitplay traders

Many broker clients, judging by the reviews compiled about Profitplay, consider that there is an optimal system of accounts on its trading platform. In addition to the free demo version, there are:

1. Standard (you need to make an equivalent of 300 Russian rubles, but the trader will receive an additional 100% bonus).

2. VIP. It is necessary to make one single payment of the equivalent of 50 thousand rubles (or 10 thousand per week).

The last option offers a lot of advantages, but experienced traders recommend starting with the usual options. They provide an opportunity to understand how this company meets the goals and requests of the trader.

ProfitPlay Trading Terms

While preparing a Profitplay review, it is impossible not to pay attention to the liberal trading conditions of the site:

в—Џ The minimum deposit amount is $ 10.

в—Џ Rate – 1 dollar.

в—Џ Account currencies – Russian ruble, US dollar, euro.

в—Џ Welcome bonus – provided.

в—Џ The maximum bet is $ 500.

в—Џ Payments from the total profit on the transaction – up to 90%.

ProfitPlay Deposit and withdrawal

The main options for I / O money:

в—Џ Credit and debit cards Visa / Mastercard.

в—Џ Yandex money.

в—Џ Transfers through financial institutions.

ProfitPlay Assets

The execution of operations is carried out with the help of: currency pairs, precious metals, stocks and popular binary currencies, the number of which is constantly increasing. Against the background of recent events, it is difficult to say which financial assets the service administration will select as the key in 2020.

Review of TechFinancials Binary Trading Platform


TechFinancials (website) is one of the leading binary options trading platform providers and for most binary options traders, this unique trading platform is synonymous with the brand, The binary options trading platform offers a unique trading experience for traders and could possibly be considered a top notch binary options trading platform. In this review of TechFinancials binary options platform we take a detailed walk through in the various features and functionalities of this trading platform that is offered by Optionfair, a renowned binary options broker. (Read OptionFair Review here)

TechFinancials – Trading Interface

The trading interface from the TechFinancials binary options trading platform is relatively easy to understand even for a complete beginner. The binary options trading platform is divided into the following sections as illustrated below.

TechFinancials – Trading Platform Interface

(1) Binary Options Contracts

The binary options contract section to the left side of the screen allowstraders to choose or navigate between the various instruments available for trading. Traders can choose from the following types of binary options contracts.

Based on the type of binary options that a user selects, the list of instruments is displayed that are available to trade. Traders simply have to click on the instrument followed by the contract’s expiry time in order to place a trade.

Selecting the Binary options contracts

(2) Main Navigation

The main navigation allows traders to switch between forex or binaryoptions for trading as well as being able to click on ‘Banking’ and ‘My Account’ in order to edit their details or to deposit or withdraw funds. Traders can also switch between trading Binary options or forex right within the main trading interface.

TechFinancials – Forex Trading Interface

The Banking section can be accessed directly from the interface itself and allows traders to deposit funds as well as request funds from the trading platform. The Banking section also shows a history of previous transactions that a trader has made and status of the withdrawal requests as well, making it easy to use.

(3, 4) Trading Interface

The trading interface within the TechFinancials binary options trading platform is easy to use for both beginners and professional traders as well. Besides offering the basic functionality of placing trades, traders can enlarge the trading interface to conduct their own technical analysis studies. Click on the ‘Chart Icon’ opens a new window complete with full charting capabilities along with a good choice of built in trading indicators as well.

TechFinancials – Advanced Charts

(5) Trading History

The trading history tab offers traders a glimpse into their trading history with the ability to filter the history based on dates and by instruments. Traders can navigate between the ‘Open Trades’ and ‘Trade History’ tabs to view their positions.

TechFinancials – Trading on the go (Mobile devices)

The TechFinancials trading platform is also accessible via the mobile trading interface as well. Unlike most binary options trading platforms that are usually limited to the iOS or Android enabled devices, traders can access the trading platform from their mobile devices irrespective of the type of device they use. In other words the TechFinancials trading platform can be accessed from mobile browsers as well.

The mobile app can be downloaded free of cost and existing users can sign in and trade directly from the dedicated app, which features the same functionality as if you were trading from the desk top interface. Navigation from the mobile trading app is easy and intuitive and allows traders to access their trading history and to navigate between the various binary options contracts. The only downside to the mobile trading from TechFinancials is the fact that advanced charting capabilities are not available. However, considering that binary options trading from the mobile interface is mostly used for placing trades and monitoring their trades, this drawback shouldn’t be a hindrance to many.

TechFinancials – Mobile Trading

TechFinancials – Conclusion

While the binary options trader of today has the choice to trade with one of the many different trading platform providers, the TechFinancial binary options trading platform is by far one of the simplest yet advanced trading platform available. The simplicity, combined with its advanced features ensures that trading binary options with the TechFinancials trading platform makes for an enjoyable trading experience.

Intrade.Bar is a transparent binary options broker

The rapid growth of most areas of human activity, which has been observed since the 20th century, has caused global changes in the global economy. And this concerns not only industry, agriculture, construction or finance. As one philosopher put it (unfortunately, his name was not preserved for future generations): everything changed, only the wheel and the shovel remained the same as a thousand years ago. But, this is only a small deviation from the main topic of the review, the purpose of which is to show the reader how to make money with the help of the binary options broker Intrade.Bar. Many potential (and often promising) traders, without economic education, are frightened by such categories as broker, binary option, spread, lot, etc.

Very often for them acquaintance with online commerce ended at the first (introductory) stage. But, in fact, they lose a real opportunity to earn good money. After all, each of the reputable traders, receiving a good income, once also did not understand these “magic” words and did not guess how the global financial market works. The presented information is a good assistant for everyone who wants to study the algorithm of his work, and find out which assets can be used to make a profit. So, let’s proceed to the analysis of activities that have become very popular binary options broker over the past two years.

Why the binary options broker Intrade.Bar attracts online traders ?

For many citizens (without economic education), the expression “binary options broker” is associated with complex operations that only trained specialists, gurus of the financial world, can deal with. In fact, everything is much easier. And if you set a goal – to learn how to work in the financial markets in this sector, even ordinary housewives can cope with this task.

The binary options broker in question was established in 2020 (Mr Axiano managing company). Despite the “youth”, he managed to create his own customer base, which, judging by the feedback left in the network, is fully satisfied with the cooperation with this legal entity. What is quite a rare case in this field of activity.

User security of Intrade.Bar

A binary options broker is managed by smart enough people who calculate their activities a few steps ahead. At the same time, the safety of their customers comes first.

в—Џ Despite the fact that Intrade.Bar lags behind many brokers in terms of capitalization, number of users, or monthly turnover, it has never refused to its decent clients to pay their earnings.

в—Џ The administration of the web resource very nicely bypassed the partial ban on binary options in the EU countries. They registered and opened their headquarters in Edinburgh (the capital of Scotland), which in the near future, as part of the UK, will leave the EU.

в—Џ Clients of the broker five days a week can contact the best specialists of the company to solve financial, technical or legal issues.

в—Џ In all the nuances of its activities, the broker adheres to the rules of reliability, openness and transparency.

в—Џ The creators of the resource have not installed an application for mobile devices on Intrade.Bar, reasonably believing that this will have a positive impact on the security of customers. But they will have to get used to the fact that access to the service will be only through stationary communication channels.

в—Џ But modern software reliably protects personal information, transactions and financial resources of clients.

Intrade.Bar Regulators

Many traders refuse to register on Intrade.Bar login, believing that a broker without documents and licenses to provide financial services may disappear at any time with their clients’ money. The service administration has a different opinion on this issue:

1. Give hundreds of thousands of euros for a license – not rational. It is better to use this money for the development of Intrade.Bar.

2. The owners of the service also refuse to pay 4-20 thousand euros for ordinary paper. They believe that this money can be spent on charity, the development of children’s sports, medicine, etc.

And very many traders fully agree with them. Few people trust the institution issuing documents for 5 thousand euros. And to make a small renovation in the gym is a real benefit to both young people and their parents, who will know that their child is in the gym, and does not drink dubious beer in a “sports” cafe.

But this resource has a document from the Russian Federation issued by the Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets (which, due to recent events in the world, and the low cost of a license – about 4 thousand euros, is practically not quoted in this segment of financial services). Additionally, there is a demo account developed on Intrade.Bar, which allows making deals using virtual currency.

Rules developed by the administration of the Intrade.Bar

There are three trading modes on this web resource:

1. Classic. Payment of 77% of total profits, expiration time – 5 minutes.

2. Sprint. Payout up to 80%. Expiration from 3 to 500 min. +/- three minutes, the payout percentage is reduced yes 77.

3. Random. Expiration – 5-500 min., Payout 97%.

According to the reviews compiled about Intrade.Bar, these indicators are considered among the most loyal to users of this and similar resources.

Key factors of trading conditions

в—Џ Deposit amount – from $ 10.

в—Џ The minimum bid is 20 cents.

в—Џ Account currencies – Russian ruble, US dollar.

в—Џ Possible payments – up to 97%.

● The “risk management” option is functioning.

в—Џ Bonuses – provided.

How to deposit and withdraw money Intrade.Bar

Despite the rather limited functionality in this regard, when compiling reviews about Intrade.Bar, it seemed that users are completely satisfied with these conditions:

в—Џ This is VISA / MasterCard for plastic cards.

в—Џ Yandex money.

в—Џ MIR and others.

Intrade.Bar Assets

To perform basic functional operations using this broker, you must select an asset (for example, a currency pair, time to complete a transaction and the amount that the client is willing to put on the selected transaction).

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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    Get a Sign-up Bonus:


    2nd place in the ranking!

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