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SignalSamurai Review 2020

Established at the start of 2020, a new binary signal provider is called SignalSamurai. SignalSamurai is a sophisticated blend of an advanced, modern technology and human experience.

It was created and designed by a successful Japanese stockbroker Kinjo Oda who designed a specialized trading algorithm which tracks even the slightest change on the market.

He claims to have a long-term knowledge when it comes to trading and which he collected from various financial markets.

Since it is now made available not just globally, but also on the South African market, we have decided to offer all interested traders our SignalSamurai review. In it, we shall try to provide all prospective traders with a clear and detailed account of all the major aspects of this unique binary signal provider.

SignalSamurai in South Africa

Foundation of Signal Samurai is to provide live signals in a timely manner so as to offer the registered traders the opportunity to make monetary gains.

In our SignalSamurai review, we also realized that this trading software solution follows an ancient code of conduct better known as Bushido code. The business aspect of this software is set up as to respect and uphold the ancient demands of Bushido which call for honour, courage, loyalty, veracity, and compassion.

Further inspection of this signal provider in our SignalSamurai review also confirmed that there is no need to download this software as it is possible to do trading straight from the browser.

South African traders only need to carry out the simple login procedure which only demands their password and username, regardless of the device being used as the trading medium so long as it has a steady, reliable internet connection.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Ideal for beginners!
    Free Demo Account + Free Trading Education!
    Get a Sign-up Bonus:


    2nd place in the ranking!

Free SignalSamurai Binary Signals

Another important fact we discovered in our SignalSamurai review is that the signals generated by this innovative signal provider are completely free of charge. That means that using the generated signals will not mean any extra expenses for the traders. For all interested South African traders who wish to use this signal provider, the necessary requirement is to make a deposit with one of the connected brokers. In most cases, the minimum deposit is set at/around $250.

Traders need to bear in mind that all withdrawals and deposits are done with a selected binary broker, not SignalSamurai.

When traders combine this piece of information with the fact that the registration procedure is simple and straightforward, the prospect of trading binary options with SignalSamurai becomes that much more appealing.

South African traders will get access to SignalSamurai dashboard once this registration is completed. The next step is for the traders to make the deposit with one of the brokers connected with this signal provider.

SignalSamurai Signal Trading Features

A custom-made control panel of SignalSamurai provides South African traders with a unique, innovative trading experience. There is a fine selection of trading features we found as we conducted our SignalSamurai review. The can be found in My Account Tab:

  • Daily Stop Loss – provides traders with the control over the number of daily trades being carried out
  • Daily Investment Feature – provides traders with the control of the highest amount they wish to invest (from $100 to $10,000)
  • Single Investment

With SignalSamurai, interested South African traders have the opportunity to trade currencies and corresponding underlying assets they may select according to their wish. The main focus with this signal provider is aimed at currencies, hence there are more than 20 currency pair available.

Generated signals are clearly listed in boxes so that traders may have an easy overview.

The boxes listed designate:

  • Direction of an Asset,
  • Expiry Time
  • Trading Amount
  • Broker
  • Confidence Factor
  • Trade Now

The Confidence Factor is a unique feature made available with SignalSamurai and it indicated just how safe a particular signal may be.

This signal provider offers traders the possibility to customize the trading dashboard and adjust all preferences so it is to their liking. Also, South African traders need to know that there is one strategy that is directly after the registration – Shumu Strategy – and it is suitable for all traders no matter their experience.

Bearing in mind all the unique and advanced features incorporated with this signal provider, SignalSamurai appears to be a fine prospect for all interested South African traders.

Apprentice VIP Account with SignalSamurai

In light of just how carefully designed this signal provider is, we were not surprised when our SignalSamurai review discovered they also offer an Apprentice VIP account. As this account contains advanced features which can further improve the quality and profitability of the trading process, South Africans will find it interesting.

To gain access to this account is easy as all South Africans need to do is to make another deposit with the same broker, or one of the other binary brokers available with this signal provider.

This account comes with 2 trading strategies – Kuodo and Ankyo. The algorithm governing the Ankyo strategy track all call and put options separately. By determining the predominant trend, it then generates a trading signal.

The algorithm governing the Ankyo strategy tracks all call and put options separately. By determining the predominant trend, it then generates a trading signal. On the other hand, the Kuodo strategy algorithm is based on the Fibonacci sequence which is used to predict market movements with more accuracy.

In case of any issues or additional questions, South African traders can contact the customer support via handy Live Chat.

SignalSamurai Signal Provider Review

SignalSamurai is a new binary signal provider; established in 2020. This binary signal provider was founded by a stockbroker, Kinjo Oda, who claims to posses long-term trading knowledge from different financial markets.

As a new signal provider, SignalSamurai is present on global market, which also includes financial market in South Africa.

We refer to this signal provider since it provides signals to the traders which were created by monitoring the current situation on the financial market.

For more about this new binary signal provider on South African market, continue reading further our SignalSamurai review.

What is SignalSamurai Signal Provider?

SignalSamurai is an innovative signal provider for trading binary options. SignalSamurai experts promise traders to deliver them live signals on time in a most efficient way.

Our SignalSamurai review reveals how they honor Bushido code, which means how this code is taken into consideration in SignalSamurai online trading business. Considering Japanese Bushido code, all business, including generating trading signals, need to be courageous, loyal and honest.

Our SignalSamurai signal provider showed us how this system requires no download. Traders in South Africa can use SignalSamurai from the computer, but they need to be logged in, which means they have to provide their username and password.

Is SignalSamurai Free to Use?

What we learnt from SignalSamurai review is that it is free of any charge.

Therefore, traders don’t need to pay for signals to be delivered to them. This can easily be one of the benefits what would attract interested traders to join SignalSamurai signal provider.

Registration with this new signal provider is pretty simple and can be completed with few steps. SignalSamurai claims that only basic information are needed to join. Once traders have access to SignalSamurai dashboard, they need to deposit with a particular broker and begin their binary options journey.

How Does SignalSamurai Signal Provider Works?

This signal provider claims to offer secure platform with an user-friendly interface. Once traders in South Africa register on SignalSamurai platform, they can see listed live signals on the trading dashboard. In case traders are away, they’ll receive a notification telling them about a new signal available (placed on the bottom right corner).

For traders to have simple overview of the platform, on SignalSamurai, all trading signals are color marked. South Africans will also have an option to check their current trades as well as closed trades under History tab on the right side.

SignalSamurai Trading Features

According to SignalSamurai review, registered traders can experience a custom-made dashboard which can be useful due to more efficient online trading money management.

A selection of trading features are included on this platform, such as:

  • Daily Stop Loss – features that controls daily trades
  • Daily Investment Feature – allows traders to set the highest amount per day. Options to choose from are $100 and $10 000
  • Single Investment

Also, traders in South Africa are able to invest in currencies as available underlying assets.

Trading bot shows signals listed in boxes for traders to track them more easily. These boxes include Direction of an asset, Confidence Factor, Broker, Trading Amount, Expiry time and Trade Now button.

Novelty on this binary trading signal provider is option to choose a Confidence Factor, which indicates how safe a binary trading signal is. It can range from green, yellow to red color which shows is it a good option to use a particular signal.

Our SignalSamurai review showed us how with this lucrative signal provider, registered traders can completely customize dashboard and set the preferences according to their wishes. This signal provider pays attention into providing South African traders detailed info about the signal itself and is it good enough to use him to place a trade.

SignalSamurai Apprentice VIP Account

With Apprentice VIP account, South African traders will have on disposal additional trading strategies.

They are intended for those traders who want to go more in-depth with binary options and how to benefit from trading signals.

There are 2 strategies available on Apprentice account; Koudo and Ankyo strategy.

  • Koudo Strategy – based on Fibonacci patterns. Kinjo Oda uses them to predict price movements more easily.
  • Akyo Strategy – follows market trends and measures trading volume of trades.

With a variety of underlying assets on disposal, SignalSamurai might be a good option for all types of trader. If traders wonder how to get in touch with them, SignalSamurai customer support is available.

Signals Reviews

SignalSamurai is a binary options system, which claims to make money for the people who follow its signals. It comes absolutely free of charge, which immediately sounds fishy. In this review will give our honest assessment of the system.

Who is behind the SignalSamurai?

The Signal Samurai was allegedly created by Kinjo Oda, a former Japanese stock broker. We couldn’t find any information of the existence of such an individual. Had he truly been a successful stock broker, who has decided to start a new project, he would have surely wanted some PR – an interview with CNBC or Bloomberg, for instance. His very name sounds generic. In fact the use of a popular historic clan as his family name almost makes it funny.

A quick check on the domain, at which this system is being offered, reveals a Luxembourg-based owner. While the rest of the information is mostly hidden, we suspect there is little connection to Japan or the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


There are three strategies behind the SignalSamurai:

1)The Shumu which is available to all members and allegedly “determines supply and demand levels”;

2)The Koudo, which is available to “Apprentice VIP” users and is supposed to be based on Fibonacci numbers,

3)The Ankyo, again only for Apprentice VIPs and being trend-following.

First of all, the title of “Apprentice VIP” sounds like an oxymoron. Besides that, the strategies are all traditional ones, offered by other similar systems. They aren’t anything special or exciting and will probably not work out in the long run. We were expecting something with a Japanese theme, like Ichimoku-based trading or at least Hiken-Ashi or Renko candles. Here is what the system’s dashboard looks like (click to zoom-in):

At least some risk-management controls are present, which will prevent the system from blowing-up your entire investment.

Historical Performance

The SignalSamurai does not have any historical record. While some binary options systems do provide a list of recent trades, they can often times be hard to verify or simply fake. By the way, this consistent problem with binary options systems has been dealt with in the world of social trading. For instance, eToro, the world’s largest social trading network keeps the track record of all its traders, as time moves forward. Here is a snapshot of the results of one of the most popular traders there:

As you can see he has had winning month, loosing months and he even took a break from trading in the beginning of 2020. Would you trust a portion of your money to this trader, given his past performance? If so, or you would like to browse the results of other similar ones, feel free to register an account with eToro and explore the possibilities.

What are the estimated returns?

The SignalSamurai does not provide estimations of the returns it will generate. Some binary systems have absurd claims which you may have seen, like a “94% accuracy of predictions” or “3,543% per month”. These levels are so high they are hilarious. If a system could make such returns it would have been run by Goldman Sachs or a major hedgefund, in fact its developers could have bought-out Goldman Sachs in several years. Still, the fact the SignalSamurai doesn’t not make such claims does not make it a credible strategy.

How does the SignalSamurai make money?

As we mentioned above, the SignalSamuray comes free of charge. At this point you may be asking yourself “where’s the catch?”. The catch is, that the system providers make money, as a commission payed by the binary broker you register with. This business model is not that uncommon in the world of binary option robots.

You can easily recognise such a scheme if it fulfills two criteria:

a) it is absolutely free;

b) the providers of the robot, offer you one (or a few) brokers with which it works.

While the website claims the system is free due to the “Bushido code of honor” and that “this is Kinjo Oda’s way of giving back to the world that made him so successful.”, in reality the people behind this project are making money on every deposit somebody makes to their broker of choice which is BinaryOnline.

You can read our full review of BinaryOnline here. In essence they are an unregulated binary options provider. The lack of regulation always carries significant risks, the most important of which is that the company will refuse to pay you any winnings you have (or your initial investment).

For those of you who don’t know, financial regulation provides traders with some sort of protection. For instance, some binary options brokers are regulated by CySEC, which grants a significant level of security. They enforce the principle of segregated accounts – a broker can’t freely access its clients’ funds. Additionally all companies must participate in the compensation scheme. This is a collective pool, to which participating brokers must periodically contribute. The funds are later used as a guarantee against one of the brokers going bankrupt. If you trade with a CySEC regulated forex or binary options broker, you will have coverage up to €20,000.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, the SignalSamurai isn’t anything special. Such systems are fairly popular and represent only a way of attracting new customers to the partnering binary broker. While the SignalSamurai doesn’t announce any unrealistic claims, it still doesn’t prove it works, before you deposit funds with its partners. A ritual “sepuko” of your trading funds will be the most likely end if you choose to follow the SignalSamurai way. Here is a summary of this system:

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