Swarm Intelligence Review – Real or Scam

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In this Swarm Intelligence review we explain why you should not invest money with this scam of Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter.

Francis and Porter claim that they have created a binary options trading software based on Swarm Intelligence that has a 83 % win ratio. So it is allegedly is making huge money. Such a win ration could make you a millionaire within one year.

And because becoming a millionaire is usually free (right?), you can get access to Swarm Intelligence for free.

This is probably the only real Swarm Intelligence review you will find, because we see scammers’ networks heavily promoting this scam with fake reviews, so beware!

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Table of Contents

Swarm Intelligence scam

The whole story about the Swarm Intelligence trading system is of course just a big lie. There is no free money on binary options. Winning strategies are traded by those who created them, they are not shared with the public for free, because it would make them stop being profitable. That is how financial markets work.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter

Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter are scammers. Fictitious characters played by paid actors. We made an extensive research and there is no Dr. Steven Francis with PhD in animal behaviour.

Nowadays you can find traces of every real active researcher on the internet. But we have found nothing about Dr. Steven Francis, except for fake binary options reviews that endorse this scam because they get paid for it. These guys simply do not exist in reality.

Swarm Intelligence fake company

We also made a research about the alleged SwarmIntelligence company, but it is a fake entity. There is no contact information, no phone number, no information about regulation or financial licence.

And the domain name confirms that this is a big scam, it has been registered just a few days ago, look at the picture! It means that all the story behind this program is a lie, no prior testing program whatsoever, they exist for only a week.


On the Swarm Intelligence website you can see a chart with alleged trading results.

But this chart is fake, because it shows profits on weekends, and on weekends markets are closed, which means that you cannot trade.

Another nonsense is the table with projected profits that Francis and Porter show you.

There are columns showing profits based on $25 and $50 trades.

These are always the same trades, the only difference is the amount invested in each trade.

So the $50 trades should have double profits, but they don’t, numbers are higher. And this cannot be explained with a potential compounding effect, because the same amount of trades at a later date generates a lower profit. So scammers are missing even the most basic things about trading, they can’t teach you anything!

Trading software

The Swarm Intelligence trading software is designed the same was as all the scam apps that we have reviewed so far. After registering you will be forced to deposit money with a broker that you won’t be allowed to choose. You won’t be able to try the software until you make the deposit.

There is a good reason behind this, these scammers are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositing clients. This is how they make money. They cannot trade profitably, their software is a total crap, this is why they cannot let you try it until they earn their commission thanks to your deposit.

If you let Swarm Intelligence software trade with your money, you will lose it!


Swarm Intelligence is a very simple scam that will force you to deposit money with a selected broker and then the software will lose your deposit in trading.

The only sure way to make money with binary options is to learn how to trade on a free demo account. Only then you can invest real money for real profits.

Forget about free money making robots, they are all scam!

Swarm Intelligence Scam – Real Review

Swarm Intelligence is a new binary scam that launched a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been so busy lately that this one happened to slip past me however I’ve caught up now and I’m ready to unleash my full opinion on this new software. Unfortunately it’s not good news as Swarm Intelligence is without a doubt a huge scam! Keep reading to see my review further down the page, or if you want to see my #1 recommendation for making money see below..

Swarm Intelligence – Not Very Intelligent!

It’s funny that this system is called Swarm Intelligence because in my opinion it’s not very intelligent at all. And signing up is certainly not an intelligent move either. I did some research into the background of this system and it’s created by a group of scammers who have been behind many others in the past. They do not have a good track record of creating legitimate systems and have actually been behind dozens of scam binary systems over the past few years. Obviously when I found this out it didn’t give me much hope for the system as I could only assume that it would again be another scam, however one should never just assume. I did further digging into this system to find out the real truth and my suspicions were correct because Swarm Intelligence is a huge scam!

I spend a lot of my time reviewing money making systems and even online gurus like Tai Lopez and it seems that binary scams are the most popular type of scam. In the last week alone I’ve reviewed Jarvis Formula and WikiTrader which are both huge scams! The funny thing is these scams don’t even change, the only thing that changes is the website name and sales pitch, but the way the scam actually works doesn’t change. It starts off with you usually receiving an email about some money making app and then you visit the website. You watch the Swarm Intelligence (or any other websites) sales video and you sign up to access their free software. Apart from it isn’t free because when you sign up you are prompted to make a deposit to fund your trading account .They tell you that it’s just a deposit so don’t worry but in reality it’s not because you’ll never get it back. After you make the deposit you’ll be able to start trading with their automated software app however this is when your money will start to disappear. Their trading software which in the video they claimed will help you make a fortune will actually make terrible trades that won’t make you a penny. Your binary account will be completely drained within a few hours or days at most and you’ll be left wondering what happened, or maybe thinking that you knew it was too good to be true!

Swarm Intelligence Actors & Fake Testimonials

Another thing that the Swarm Intelligence website does which is a clear sign of a scam is use fake testimonials from actors. To be honest the scammers behind these websites never seem to bother to actually check who is giving a testimonial because the people they hire are not even good actors. It’s completely obvious that they are reading from a script and not giving a genuine review. Don’t be fooled by any reviews or testimonials you see, the truth is the positive reviews you find on YouTube and Google have been put together by affiliates of this website. The people behind these fake positive reviews get a commission if you sign up, so they will tell you that the system is amazing just to gain your trust and sign you up. When they do that they will get paid. This is usually why there are positive reviews, however sometimes the owner of the scam website (Swarm Intelligence) might pay a blogger to post a positive review.

Conclusion For Swarm Intelligence – SCAM

It was obvious to me from the moment I first saw Swarm Intelligence that it was a complete scam. Upon further investigation I was proved right.

Don’t waste your time on this system as you will only lose money and regret it. If you want to see how I make a full time income online (5 figures per month) then go ahead and take a look at my recommendation below. It’s a simple system I use that actually works and can help you make a real money unlike these binary options scams.

Swarm Intelligence Review – Don’t Risk Money! My Experience!

Are you looking for unbiased Swarm Intelligence review? Then read this review carefully as I am going to share my experience and my opinion about Swarm Intelligence software. I know it’s very hard to trust any binary options robot currently as most of the them are a scam. So if you are looking for a legitimate binary options auto trader which can really make you money, then it’s time to rejoice because finally there is a binary options auto-trader which you can trust. But what makes Swarm Intelligence app legitimate? Well, read this Swarm Intelligence review till the end to know more about this software.

This robot is based on a unique algorithm of “Swarm Intelligence”. Swarm Intelligence algorithm is used in the large trading firms to generate winning trades. Dr. Steven Francis is the guy behind this robot. He has done Ph.D. in Animal Behaviour and he has spent most of his time in studying the behavior of animals. He has used Swarm Intelligence as a primary algorithm to generate winning signals.

Official Website – Click here!

What Is Swarm Technology?

The Swarm Technology/Swarm Intelligence is a semi-automated binary options trading robot. Unlike most of the other auto traders, Swarm Technology does not make any exaggerated claims of millions of $s. Moreover, Swarm Intelligence app will not generate hundreds of signals daily like most of the other auto traders, instead of this, it will only generate few high-quality signals. Dr. Steven Francis is the CEO of Code Fibo system. He has made this system along with his friend Mr. Thomas Porter, who is a retired IBM scientist and is also an experienced programmer. They both decided to mix up their expertise and created a unique trading system called Swarm Tech.

We have personally tested Swarm Intelligence app before writing this review, and our results were pretty impressive. This software is full of unique features, and we are going to discuss all of them one by one in this Swarm Intelligence app review.

Swarm Intelligence Review – Scam Free Software!

Based on Swarm Intelligence Algorithm

The name of this robot explains all about this system. They have connected 10 computers to a giant super-computer which are using different strategies like Fibonacci, support and resistance and candle stick patterns. Dr. Steven believes that to be a successful binary options trader, we must use many strategies to generate winning trades. With Swarm Tech software, they have used 10 different strategies which are then sent to their supercomputer for a swarm analysis. In this way, this binary options robot only selects those trades which are offered by at least 9 of those computers. Currently, it’s the only auto trader which is using this concept. You can read more about Swarm Intelligence at Wikipedia too.

Swarm Intelligence has an ITM Rate of 83%

Unlike most of other robots, Swarm Intelligence is not claiming to have a 100% ITM Rate. Moreover, they have explained in depth that their software can generate 83% ITM Rate by integration of Swarm Intelligence. Mr. Steven believes that if one decision is taken my multiple persons at the same time, then they can fill each other gaps and can yield best results. By using this concept, he has connected 10 computers (which are based on totally different strategies) to a giant computer to yield best quality signals. I recommend all traders to start trading with Swarm Level 9 only to achieve this figure.

Swarm Intelligence Can Make $1500 Per Week

Unlike most of the scam robots, they are not claiming to make millions of dollars for you. They are assuring you a reasonable profit of just 1000$ per week. Though, the amount of can varies with your trading settings like Swarm Level, Minimum Trading Amount. We have also tried Swarm Intelligence system personally, and during our testing, we were getting an average ITM rate of over 84%. Just after one-week usage, our balance increased from $250 to $2230 which is way higher than they are claiming.

Note that that the amount which you’re going to earn using Swarm Intelligence software depends on initial deposit amount. We recommend you to start with the lowest initial deposit of just 250$. Once you start making money from it, you can deposit more as per your budget’s allowance.

Supports Both Manual & Auto Trading

Swarm Intelligence supports both manual and auto trading. You can easily switch from manual to automated trading with just one click. All traders who don’t have prior knowledge about trading can use it’s auto trading feature. Still, I recommend all of the readers to give the semi-automated trading feature a try as it can yield better ITM Rate.

Software is Absolutely Free

To expand their platform, they are providing free lifetime copies to limited people. According to our experience, this system will not remain free for much time. So, we recommend all of our readers to join this system ASAP and secure a lifetime spot in this trading system. To join this system, all you need to do is to fund broker’s account with $250.

User-Friendly & Easy To Use

Swarm Intelligence is a semi-automated robot. It is very easy to use and provides a variety of options to traders like:

Swarm Level (0-10) – Swarm Level indicates the level of agreement amongst the swarm computers before trades are placed. For example – If you keep Swarm Level to 9 then only those trades will be placed that are offered by 9 computers. It will also affect the quantity of signals. You can increase the number of signals by reducing Swarm Level.

Trade Volume ($25 – $500)- You can increase per-trade amount via this setting. You can increase your daily profits by increasing trade volume.

Money Management Calculator – It is one of the unique features of Swarm Intelligence software. It can assist you in choosing an optimal trading amount by entering some details like your account balance, Broker In-The-Money, Broker Out-Of-The-Money.

Feel free to join this system, if you don’t have any knowledge about binary options trading. Just enable auto trading feature of Swarmintelligence software & start making profits.

Is Swarm Intelligence A Scam?

There is not a single reason of Swarm Intelligence being a scam. Both Dr. Steven Francis & Mr. Thomas Porter are real persons with their expertise in respective fields. I have personally tested it for a week before writing this review, and I can assure you that it’s one of the best robots I’ve ever used. In the pitch video of Swarm Intelligence, you will not find big cars, mansions or massive bank balance. Instead of all these things, all you will find is algorithm behind this app and why this app can generate consistent profits for you.

How to Join Swarm Intelligence?

Update: Swarm Intelligence software seems to be scam. Many users are reporting negative results with this app. I recommend all of you to avoid this system for now. Instead of using this app, you can join SnapCash Binary app. Many of our readers are using this robot with an average winning rate of over 85%.

Join SnapCash Binary Now!

You can start using Swarm Intelligence software by depositing $250 into broker’s account. This initial deposit of $250 will be used for placing trades and you can withdraw it anytime.

  1. Visit official website of Swarm Intelligence first – swarm-intelligence.co
  2. Fill your Name & E-Mail address in the form which is present on right side of page.
  3. Click on Free Access Here.
  4. On next page, Enter more details like Last Name, Mobile Number, and Password.
  5. Click on Register Now button.
  6. Swarm Intelligence will assign a broker to you (based on your geographical location).
  7. Deposit $250 into broker’s account.
  8. Start trading.

Click Below To Join!


1) Is Swarm Intelligence app available in my country?

Ans. If you are able to fund broker’s account then you are good to go.

2) How many trades I can expect in a day?

Ans. Number of daily trades depends upon various settings like Swarm Level.

3) Is there any need to download SwarmIntelligence app?

Ans. No. There is nothing to download & install in your computer. This app is based on Cloud Computing.

4) Can I use Swarm Intelligence on XYZ device?

Ans. Yes. This app can be used on any device with a web browser.

Final Words:

So it was all about Swarm Intelligence review. We didn’t find any reason to call Swarm Intelligence a scam. You will not find any fake testimonial in the video who claim to make thousands of dollars in a day. If you are looking for a genuine auto trading robot to make consistent profits, then Swarm Intelligence software is for you. Moreover it’s best time to join this system as they are providing free license of their software to limited people. So what do you think about Swarm Intelligence app? Share your opinion about this binary options robot in the comments section below.

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