The Penultimate CFD Society Review

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The Penultimate CFD Society Review

Today we will be taking you through the intricacies and details of a new binary options product in our CFD Society Review. This product is brought to us by Chris Chase. According to the sales page, Chris is a successful CFD investment manager who’s handled in excess of $80 million for a number of clients.

Why someone who was featured on Fortune, Forbes or Bloomberg would decide to enter the small market of binary options is a real head scratcher. We will get to the bottom of this, and anything else we find interesting in our research. For a quick binary options start guide go here .

CFD Society Review

The entire weight of this project relies on the CEO of CFD Society Chris Chase. He is essentially the foundation of the project, who promises “an opportunity that could earn you over $60K a year.” So, it’s most important that we first analyze Chase, and find out who he is, and if we can trust him.

Chris Chase

The evidence gathering process her is really quite brief. There is absolutely no information on Chris anywhere. Despite the promises that he’s regularly featured on large news outlets like Forbes and Bloomberg, neither of these two institutions have ever heard of him.

In fact, the only place we were able to find Chris Chase is on a stock photo web-site. Thus, confirming the theory that he doesn’t exist.

The entire fabric and story behind the CFD Society relies on this one person, and he doesn’t even exist.

This really all adds up. As, there is no reason why someone as successful as the person they created would ever decide to create a binary options product. Binary options is a growing market but it’s still peanuts when compared with traders managing over $80 million.

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Other Fabrications

The CFD Society product is promoted through the fake Chase story and through a handful of testimonials “from the members.”

  • Louisa Lopez says “This work-from-home opportunity has made me so much money I’m in a transitional period between quitting my day job and retiring in the Caribbean!”
  • Rebecca Stanley says “The extra $60K I made from this online “job” has allowed me to pay off all my debt this year and finally enjoy true financial freedom.”

None of these testimonials can be verified. All of the images being used are stock images which can be purchased online. If you drag and drop any of the images into Google Images you will see that they have all been used for many purposes in the past.

There is nothing that suggests that any of these claims are real. There are no results that qualify any of the statements and there are no statements online from actual clients.


There is nothing that suggests that the CFD Society is going to be reliable product. It has failed our review process in many aspects. They built their entire story on a person who doesn’t exist, and instead of giving us transparency, they rely on deception. In order to gain access traders have to register with Option888 which is an unregulated brokerage . Do your best to avoid this product.

Thank you for spending your time with us at BinaryToday. Please

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Are you searching for a balanced review for the CFD Society? Does it really pay off or is it all just a scam? Read this thorough review to get the real scoop on what it’s all about!

In reality, the CFD Society is just another piece of software designed to defraud traders.

Additionally, we went ahead to check the authenticity of the software only to find out that it is not even a CFD Trading system app.

It is just a scam project which is a malicious binary options trading platform. This is evident to all who try registering themselves to the CFD Society system as their website automatically redirects all potential investors to a binary options broker.

We found a few alarming signs:

  1. The broker demands that investors make an initial deposit of $250. This is the primary issue that caught our attention and led us to believe that all is not what it seems to be.
  2. The second alarming sign that pointed towards it all being a rip-off was the fact that this so-called CFD society system is a signal service based platform, not an auto-pilot money making robot app as it claims itself to be.

You should be aware of all these facts about this trading system to avoid disappointment. Even after reading if you still choose to invest your hard-earned money with it despite all the points stated in this review about this software being a fraud then at least it’s an informed decision.

A Scam Scheme Exposed With Proofs

We also feel obliged to point it out here that the CFD Society scam is not clear-cut about the profit that is supposed to be earned by the investors. While they assure their potential investors that their weekly profits can easily be in thousands, they also state that the earnings of an investor from their trade activities can only be a little above $60,000 annually.

These are two completely conflicting statements, and again we are left wondering which one to believe.

Nonetheless, we are going to point out only the most vexing concerns regarding the CFD Society system.

False and misleading claims and lies is what comprises the CFD Society’s sales video

  1. In their sales video, the CFD Society’s ”owner” Chris Chase claims that he holds the secret to generating wealth which is only known by the wealthy 1% of the world’s population. Apparently. Mr. Chase is the only genius in the entire world of trading with the secret formula of multiplying your investment, and he is happy to give it out without profit.
  2. He makes a feeble attempt at driving in investments with a story about how he said goodbye to a potentially high-paying position at a large Forex firm several years back.
  3. The further elaborates that this was done because his boss believed in a theory that only 1 out of every 10 individuals is able can turn a profit through investing in the Forex market, while the others have to say farewell to their hard-earned investments.
  4. Although this statement may be true to some degree, one cannot ignore the fact that the 1% who are lucky enough to turn their investments into profits number in the millions.
  5. The sales pitch across the entire website of the CFD Society makes it seem like Chris Chase left his job to be a ‘’messiah’’ to those other 99% of individuals who don’t make anything in the Forex market. He just can’t stand the fact that the ratio of loss is exponentially higher than that of success.

So, he chose to do something about it and introduced a bogus profit system called the CFD System but operates on a binary option platform via a signal service.

CFD Society Scam? Here Is the Evidence!

Our calculations force us to believe that the $60k limit was set to make it all sound genuine. The person behind the CFD Society could have mentioned a higher figure like $100,000 or $200,000, but he is being extremely cautious.

Instead, he chooses to pitch a deal that offers an objective balance without overly hyping his software hence making it both believable and attractive to his potential targets or should we say ’marks.’

Sadly, the facts our CFD Society review uncovered while investigating this software indicates that this software is nowhere able to deliver on what it promises.

It may be able to earn you a few dollars at best but their claim to turn your investments into a fortune are just far-fetched attempts to get you to give them your money. It will be a miracle even if you able to break even with your initial investment.

Who Is Chris Chase of CFD Society?

By the looks of it, Mr. Chase is a scammer who proclaims to be a CFD guru but with no background to substantiate his claims. Besides, there is no proof that he has even worked in the financial markets, to begin with or any proof to support his claim of being a professional Forex trader.

As a matter of fact, it’s not hard to discover with a bit of research on the internet that he is in fact not even a real person and just a fictitious creation by a scammer.

If anything the person on the video who proclaims to be Mr. Chase is an actor, and it’s fair to assume that he knows absolutely nothing about forex, binary or stock trading. It’s a plausible assessment that the person behind the website is an affiliate marketer with no Forex, stocks, CFD or binary options experience.

If his proposal implies that he is a CFD trader because Forex does not work for him for some reason, then he should come clean about it instead of making false promises with fake financial record snapshots. It is for this reason why you should avoid the CFD Society.

CFD Society Reviews Found on Social Media

People who have never been scammed on the internet before will see the CFD Society website as being their ticket to immense effortless wealth generation.

But all experienced traders and investors know what makes the CFD System a cheap scam. Case in point being that baseless and outrageously fake evidence posted on social media websites.

Take for instance, when they mentioned people were writing great things about the CFD System on Facebook, we went ahead and searched the platform to find that in fact, people were talking about the system.

Upon closer inspection of these reviews, our suspicions were confirmed.

The Facebook profiles talking about the system have never traded, and with no experience, we are led to believe that these comments are fake .

Even the photographs used on the official CFD Society website don’t resemble the genuine photos of these individuals on Facebook. That proves that all the so called social media buzz is a fabrication.

CFD Society Investment Is Centered Around False Marketing

The false marketing is used to mislead people. The CFD Society website uses a clever yet maliciously intended script which generates figures randomly of visitors to the website as well as the number of positions available.

The intention here is to give the impression that many people are visiting the website and signing up which is why there are only a few positions available.

It’s not hard to discover that the numbers continue to change each time. At one point it shows that there were 100 slots occupied and so there was no chance to signup.

But after refreshing the page, the script re-started its counter, and there were slots available. It is the same script used for the Afofee scam.

Apart from script generated false figures the website also uses fake badges which are made to look legit. It is clear that trusting this website means that you’ll be scammed. The CFD Society is an elaborate scheme designed to dupe people into giving out large sums of money, and the fake badges are there to substantiate that.

Conclusion – CFD Society Is a Confirmed Elaborate Scam

We find that its a shame that the CFD Society uses such bold false statements and shoddy proofs to trick people into using their software. Unfortunately, it isn’t a society, to begin with, leave alone being helpful to anyone. It is, in fact, a signal service.

It’s imperative to look beyond the glossy photos, and slick scripts read out by cheap actors because you stand to lose a lot of money with this fake service.

We hope that by exposing CFD Society, we have prevented people from being scammed.

CFD Society Review – Is This Another Scam We Should All Avoid?

Post Updated: 01/01/2020 By Andrew 2 Comments

Hello and welcome to another review from the Make Money Online Zone. If you are looking for answers about the CFD Society, then you are in the right place! You may well have heard about this money making system via email or even on social media. This so called money maker is being heavily promoted across the world and in several different languages. So you might think this is a little strange as they state in their promotional video that they are only looking for 100 additional members.

So if you are interested in this system and are wondering if it would be worth joining the CFD Society, then read on! I’m about to give you the hard facts about the CFD Society and what you can expect if you join the membership.

Welcome to my CFD Society Review! If this article helps you in any way please support our website by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page. Your support is very much appreciated and helps to keep this website going!

CFD Society Review – Who Is Chris Chase?

No matter how you discovered the CFD Society, there are several things that you should know before you join. First of all, let me assure you that this system is not a one off! Lots of these systems exist online and they all have one purpose in mind… To take your hard earned cash!

It might be a bit of an early spoiler to this story, but let me tell you, CFD Society is a total scam. And it all starts with a fake actor called Chris Chase.

Chris Chase is the name given to the fake entity that promotes this get rich quick scheme. There is nothing real about this person or the system that he promotes!

Unrealistic expectations and lots of lies!

If you watch the sales video for the CFD Society, you will see many unrealistic claims. For the total beginner, these claims will seem like a dream come true. This system says that its looking for just 100 new members to use a “signalling service” that can make you around 60K per year!

The fact that these people say they are looking for just 100 extra members makes this seem like a deal not to be missed. And the promises don’t stop there…

We also see so called screenshots of real earnings…

And even more confirmation that we could be earning an extra 60K per year! Sounds fantastic doesn’t it??

CFD Society – Using all the tricks of the trade!

In reality the CFD Society uses all the tricks of the trade to try and convince you that this is the real deal. In actual fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The sales video throws earnings claims at you and tells you to imagine yourself travelling the world…

We learn that this offer is VERY exclusive and only available to the first 100 people. Naturally, lots of people will take this at face value, especially when they learn that they can obtain this system for free!

CFD Society Review – How can a free system be a scam?

The trick to this scam is in first of all convincing you that this is the real deal. After that they hit you with the fact this the CFD Society is totally free! Or so they say! But a scam wouldn’t really be a scam without taking your money. So as you might imagine, there is more to this story than meets the eye.

The truth is, everything that you see within the sales video for CFD Society is completely fake. We see fake actors and lots of fake screenshots.

They even have a go at other scam artists by saying that they know many people have been scammed before. Of course the CFD Society clain to be very different! Unfortunately they aren’t!

Is CFD Society A Scam? And How Does It Work?

So you may still be asking is CFD Society a total scam? Well, yes it is. Let me tell you exactly how this thing works and why you should avoid it.

As we have already pointed out, everything about the sales video is totally fake. And everything you are told within the video is a complete lie. But what happens if you actually join CFD Society? Well, let me tell you…

Although the CFD Society claim that this system is free, it really isn’t. You see, if you join the CFD Society you will be asked to deposit money with a broker in order to activate the signalling service. This is where the people behind this scam make their money. And this is where the real scam begins…

The CFD Society Scam

This scam works by simply convincing you that it’s real. You are shown screenshots that look real and there is a pretty convincing story to go with it. However, all the scammers really want you to do is to put money into the broker that they recommend. This is because they are affiliate with the broker and they will get paid once you have made a deposit. But what about the signalling service that they mention? Well, that’ completely fake too…

The service that these people offer is none existent. Once you pay your deposit into the broker, you can kiss goodbye to your money. Because despite being show how many times this system has won trades, the reality is very different. This system will never make you any profit because it was never designed to do so in the first place.

The CFD Society system is fake right from the sales page to the actual software that makes the scam happen. This was never designed to make you a single penny!

There is a part of the sales video that says something about giving your boss the finger! I suggest you don’t do that just yet and instead do it to the CFD Society.

Want even more proof that the CFD Society is a scam?

If you want hard evidence that the CFD Society is a total scam you don’t need to look far. In fact, the CFD Society website is very honest about the fact that you won’t make a single penny with this system. Yes, you read that correctly. The CFD Society website actually warn you that it’s a complete scam. Take a look for yourself!

Actual risk disclosure statement from the CFD Society website…

Final thoughts and what to do now?

If you were hoping that the CFD Society was going to be the system that changed everything for you, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. But I hope that you will bare with me for a moment here. Because not everything online is a scam. There are legitimate ways to make money online without being ripped off.

My advice would be to stay away from anything that says you can make thousands very quickly, just like the CFD Society does. Instead, you need to focus your attention on genuine ways to make an extra income.

Real, ethical methods of making money online take a little time to learn and put into practice. However, the genuine methods of earning online deliver REAL results. Do you really want to waste your time searching through get rich scams like the CFD Society?

If you are tired of the scams and sick of getting nowhere, then I can genuinely help you.

If you wan’t to discover our top recommendation and get my full help and support, then please take a look at the link below. You can set up a free account with our recommended service called Wealthy Affiliate and you will also get my full support and assistance as a bonus. Take a look, you really have nothing to loose!


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Ez money team took $97.00 from me. The next day I received a call from a man in charge of marketing department making fans and such. He said he would highly recommend me to a coach. The following day he also gave me his number which I have called a lot. They’re not easy money anymore, easy money teamed up with Cool handle. Told them I want my money back. When i said that, well that’s when they wouldn’t answer their phones… I ‘m willing to press chargers against Ez Money they are still emailing me wanting more money. I see its all a scam now.

Hi there. Yes, you are totally right. The EZ Money Team is a complete scam. If you can take legal action then I suggest you do so. These people have been scamming for a long time. Take a look at our EZ Money Team Review here.

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