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Trade Automatically With 10Markets on Best Binary Options Robot

Traders who search for an opportunity to auto trade in binary options can use the opportunity to start trading with comprehensive auto trading software that showed remarkable results. Binary Options Robot is a well known binary software that provides trading with more binary brokers. Traders that search for a wide range of options and a safe trading environment can take the chance to trade with Binary Options Robot for free.

Register for Free With Binary Options Robot and Select the Best Brokers

The Robot is a completely web-based software that allows trading with completely automated services. Traders who search for profitable signals and reliable brokers are in the right place. In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide on how to trade automatically with 10markets – one of the trustworthy brokers that can be found on Robot platform.

First of all, we will show you how to open an account with Binary Options Robot. Traders won’t need more than a minute and they will just provide their basic info like name, email, and phone number. Registration with Binary Options Robot is not requiring any payment details because traders don’t make a deposit with Robot.

After the registration, traders will receive an email with all important information about how to continue trading with Robot. If traders don’t understand the whole trading process or how to make a deposit with a broker, they are welcome to contact Binary Options Robot customer support.

Register with 10markets and Start Auto Trading

If you already have an account with 10markets, in order to auto trade with Binary Options Robot traders will need to open a new account through Robot dashboard. Registration with broker doesn’t take more than a minute too, so traders will be ready to trade in a few moments.

On Binary Options Robot dashboard find 10markets broker and click on Open account. Fill your name, last name, email address and choose preferred password. Select your phone, click on register and that’s it.

Deposit With 10markets

After you have created 10markets account, you are enabled to make the first deposit and start trading with Robot. 10markets allows depositing with some major payment options. Traders are welcome to choose between several credit cards like Visa or MasterCard or to use some of the E-wallets: WebMoney, CashU, giropay, iDeal, Yandex, Poli Internet Banking etc. traders can also use wire transfer to both deposits or withdraw his funds.

To start trading with 10markets traders need to invest minimum deposit of $200 and they can expect 83% of returns, which is considered as market average.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:

    Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Ideal for beginners!
    Free Demo Account + Free Trading Education!
    Get a Sign-up Bonus:


    2nd place in the ranking!

After the funds have been deposited, it should immediately be visible on both broker and Robot account.

Trade Automatically with 10markets

Now, when your funds are visible on your Binary options Robot platform, you can start trading automatically. Before you click on Active trading and let your Robot seek for best binary options, there are some options you would likely want to set.

If you are fresh in binary options and don’t have much experience in trading, Binary Options Robot is here to help you make better trading results. As we have already said, Robot is completely automatic software, meaning, it searches for the best signals, it defines the best opportunities on the market and it places trades on trader’s behalf.

Traders basically don’t need to know anything about how to calculate signals or how to define the best moment when to place a trade. Everything is done by the Robot, including the analysis and extensive financial calculations that help to increase trader’s profits.

Set Binary Options Robot Preferences and Start Making Profits With 10markets

The Robot provides useful features that can significantly help in trading with every broker. Traders are welcome to set their Daily stop loss limit in order to prevent losing their investments. Besides daily stop loss, traders can also manage their trades with Max daily trades option which enables them to set the maximum amount of trades that will be placed by the Robot. Both features ensure that trader’s security measures are in place.

Aside from those two trading features, traders can set preferred amount for every asset group. There are over 50 underlying assets traders can trade on Binary Options Robot platform. Much to trader’s surprise, traders can choose which assets they want to trade with, while others can be deactivated.

In order to get most out of Binary Options Robot platform and reach successful results, traders are advised to select most assets so Robot could place more trades. Most beginners make the same mistake and deactivate most of the assets so Robot doesn’t have many options. This is why the daily stop loss option is so good because it will limit your Robot and prevent it from investing more than planned.

Combine 10markets With Another Broker

When trading with Binary Options Robot, traders have exclusive opportunity to trade with more than one brokers at the same time. Most robots don’t provide this service so this is one of the advantages traders don’t want to miss out.

Trading with more brokers doesn’t mean that you have to invest more than planned. If you wanted to invest $600, you can split this amount to half and, besides 10markets, choose Banc de Binary for example. Fortunately, traders can monitor trading with both brokers from the same dashboard, which ensures easy navigation.

Binary Options Robot lets you monitor your trading history, so traders can go to History tab and check all the trades that have happened. Trading history helps traders to create better trading strategy plans and to decide which underlying asset gives greater results.

Become a Binary Options Robot VIP Member

No matter if you are a novice trader or an expert, all Binary Options Robot clients are welcome to get free VIP membership with more trading options. For a first deposit you made with a broker, you are awarded with one month of VIP account. But, after your month expires, your VIP membership can be extended. If you plan to continue trading with Binary Options Robot, after you make a new deposit with a broker, Binary Options Robot customer support will enable new three months of VIP features.

10Markets (No Binary Options) Review

10Markets (No Binary Options)

Broker 10Markets (No Binary Options)
US Traders Accepted
Company Name Whitestone IP Europe Ltd. and Whitestone Securities Limited
Headquarters Edinburgh, UK
Regulation Vanuatu International Financial Services Commission (license #14692)
Bonus Type Deposit bonis
Bonus Size $100
Max Payout 77%
Out-of-Money Reward 10%
Trading Platform Panda TS
Early Closure
Deposit Options Credit/debit cards and wire transfer
Deposit Currencies US dollar, euro
Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $10
Maximum Trade $2,500
Online Since 2020
Trading Instruments Currencies, stocks, indices, commodities
Number of Trading Instruments 70
Binary Option Types High/Low, Hyper, One Touch, Range
Customer Support Types Live chat, telephone, web form, email, paper mail
Education Offered Articles, videos, eBook, glossary
Tools Offered Social trading, financial calendars, financial calculators, rollover, early close
Languages English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish
Demo Account Yes, no limits.

As of March 5, 2020, 10Markets is no longer offering binary options, operating solely as a Forex/CFD broker. The review presented below is no longer applicable and is presented for archive purpose only.

10Markets is an Edinburgh-based broker owned by a company called Whitestone IP Europe Ltd. 10Markets also holds a license of dealers in securities from the Vanuatu International Financial Services Commission through Whitestone Securities Limited. When you visit the website, you will see that the company actually offers two distinct types of trading: binary options and Forex. You can sign up for an account to trade either or both right there on the site. 10Markets also partners with MetaTrader 4 to offer FX trading directly through the MT4 platform.

If you are only interested in binary options trading, a lot of this may seem off the point, but it is actually quite relevant. Forex trading in general is a safer and more established world than binary options trading. FX brokers tend to urge smarter trading practices and encourage their customers to manage their money and their trades with care. As a broker that offers both types of trading, 10Markets does this by offering a no-strings-attached demo account. This is a really outstanding feature that you won’t find just anywhere!

Opening Your 10Markets Account

You will see a big green button which says “Open Account” on the homepage for 10Markets. Click it and you will have the opportunity to open either a real account or a demo account (it doesn’t matter which you choose, as you can always open the other type afterward if you change your mind).

Here are the live account types you can choose from based on how much you deposit:

  • Classic: $250 minimum deposit.
  • Standard: $2,500 minimum deposit.
  • Premium: $20,000 minimum deposit.
  • Tailor-made: Speak to a customer service agent.

No bonuses are specifically discussed on this page. When I browsed the site, a pop-up on one of the pages informed me that I could get a $100 deposit bonus. There is a turnover requirement to withdraw the bonus.

What about deposit and withdrawal terms and methods? You can only trade in US Dollar or Euro. Credit or debit card or wire transfers are the only methods available to deposit and withdraw, so there is not a lot of flexibility here. On the bright side, however, the website mentions zero fees for depositing or withdrawing, and no minimum withdrawal thresholds. These are really nice terms that make it easy for you to access your money at any time.

Trading on 10Markets

If you decide to trade Forex on 10Markets, I highly recommend you download MT4. It is awesome that 10Markets allows you to trade through MT4, as it is a free platform which gives you absolutely amazing technical features to plan your trades. In fact, I recommend using it to plan your binary options trades as well, even though you cannot trade binary options directly through it.

To trade binary options on 10Markets, you need to use the platform which is available on the site. This platform is powered by Panda TS. While that may sound rather obscure compared to more common platforms like SpotOption, it works about the same way, displays nicely, and is easy to use. You can use it on your desktop or laptop, or on your Android or iOS mobile device.

One cool thing that 10Markets is developing is their “Shared Wallet.” This is a feature you can use if you decide to do both binary options and FX trading. Through the Shared Wallet, you can manage your investments on both your accounts, and even move funds from one to the other with ease.

Types of trades you can take on 10Markets include High/Low, One Touch, Range, and Hyper. “Hyper” trades are just short-term High/Low trades. It is great that 10Markets offers Range trading, because Range trading is one of the unique advantages of binary options. It is a type of trading where you can profit when the market isn’t moving. Not all binary options brokers offer it, even though it is a relatively common trade type.

Assets include currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. The types of assets you can trade and the number of instruments available to you however depends on your account tier. At the lowest tier, you can only trade the base currencies. At the next level up, you can trade gold, silver, and oil. At the Premium tier, you can trade all of the currencies, indices, CFDs, and shares on the site (10Markets also offers a couple of other types of trading beyond their main products of binary options and Forex). At the highest level with the tailored account, you can trade all the instruments.

Resources, Tools, and Customer Service

10Markets provides a large library of learning materials for traders, including an eBook, comprehensive glossary, and a number of articles and videos. These resources are available both for FX and binary options. Trading tools offered include financial calendars and calculators and social trading. You can control your trades using rollover and early close, but double up does not appear to be available.

You can reach customer service through live chat, telephone, web form, email, and paper mail. The live chat desk was not staffed when I checked it, but this was on a weekend. The company does offer 24/7 service, however, so presumably they can be reached anytime using the phone.

Conclusion: An Exciting Broker with Unique Products

All in all, 10Markets seems to be an impressive broker. While they are not regulated by any serious government institution and do not accept traders from the USA, they offer a lot of great trading products. The fact that they specialize in both Forex and binary options trading is excellent, as is the fact that they are developing tools like the Shared Wallet to help traders to manage multiple types of trading accounts simultaneously. The inclusion of a demo account is excellent as well.

With so many cool and innovative features, it is easy to give 10Markets a recommendation, especially to traders who are interested in both binary options and Forex trading. Even if all you are interested in right now is binary options, take a look at what they have to offer. Many traders who start with binary options end up trying FX later or vice versa.

On March 22, 2020, British regulatory authority FCA has warned investors and traders that is offering financial services to UK clients without being authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is mandatory for the kind of services offered by

10Markets (No Binary Options) , 9.1 out of 10 based on 22 ratings

10Markets Review – You NEED To Read This First…

Read reviews below

Feel free to scroll down and read the comments or contribute your own experiences with 10markets.

Official Warning

The UK Financial Conduct Authority have in 2020 issued an alert against the unauthorised 10markets. They believe they are targeting UK customers and carrying out activities they are not authorised to do.

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Have you been scammed by 10markets?

If you have been scammed by 10markets and lost your money then contact MyChargeBack asap for more information on getting your money back.


My account manager has to be the baddest apple on the 10Markets tree. I deposited $20000USD and quickly determined trading FOREX was not for me. I requested that autotrade never be used. After two months requested withdrawal of all funds in the two accounts. Account manager James Larsson decided to not honour my request and started trading to lose. In four days the accounts dropped from $20700 to less than $250 and were essentially empty.
How do I get my hard earned money back? I have requested 10Markets to respond to my allegation that my manager, in obvious cooperation with [email protected], acted both recklessly and illegally in the management of my accounts. There has been no response.
Suggestions welcome on possible courses of action I may pursue.

Please send me proof, Maurice

I also had 36K – (now negative) in my account – as soon as i wanted to close my account they put in multiple trades with comms deducted on random trades. So in short Anna Kaplan, John Penrose, Michael Berg, Daniel Beck, Jay Goldman, Ronnie Stein have not done their job (unless their job was just to get peoples money) and in my opinion untrustworthy. have been chasing them for some one to explain why my account was binary traded to a massive loss when i explicitly said NO BINARY TRADING.

I have also lost $39000 and I want us to do something about it. We must all stand together and nail these guys. We should do everything in our power to: 1) Get our money back
2) Close down bad companies like 10Markets.
Starting with them. specifically.

I have contacted trading standards here in the UK. You might try that in the US too. They will take action if there are enough people complaining about mis-sold services. I have also lost my money in one trade that I didn’t get any saying in and had no reply to my complaining emails. Nor will they pay back my remaining £92.50.

Is this John Penrose from SwissRoyalBanc?

Yes, they scam ! Account can not never be negative !

Same happened day after I put in a withdrawal request. Next morning my account manager set me in a trade that wipe out my funds 8k leaving me in a negative fund. -£97.

the same has happened to me 36K down the drain, of course they kept the commissions…. I am now with the “recovery” team who have lost me around 60% so far… stay away from these managers..

I enjoy 10markrts service.. In profrit of 1000usd

Try to withdraw your money – That profit means nothing if it stays on your computer screen.
Look at what happens when you put in a withdrawal request. Just in heavens name don’t invest anymore money. You will loose it.

im also in very nice profits there.. yes maybe its slow but i took my profits in the end.. and im still trading there and enjoy

I took out 14,000 out of my 50,000, process took a week and half – my portfolio manager asked me what i needed it for, and told me that the money is on the way.

maybe its a matter of which portfolio manager you land on – Ask for Kafka – my portfolio manager

Hi did u make
Money with this company

Kafka was having good ethics, but she could not get along with 10markets, she left.

My advice to you is to bank it

I have my account manager Kafka as well and I deposited £9000 which went up to £70000 but lost again due to my bad trades, Kafka helped me withdrew 3000, started again by depositing £4000, account again is up to £18000, came to know about there scam stories tried withdrawing £4000, 2weeks gone nothing came through, lot of calls by other managers giving me ideas for good trade, Kafka disappeared no contact, please share any idea you may have how to get the money back as the money is still there

You should contact our complaints assistance team. They should be able to help get your money back.

i had the exact same problem as you Maurice i put $2000USD and some lady called Andrea Bennett. she wanted me to put more money in but i didn’t she told me not to use Auto trader and i agreed with her and not to use , but when i decided to withdraw my funds no one would talk to me but then one guy called Patrick Klein called and said – My name is Patrick Klein, I have been assigned to help you maximize the potential of your trading account at 10Markets. – then when i asked him what has happened to my withdrawal he said he phone me back in 5 minutes – no phone called ever came back , the money was in my Account when i did the withdrawal , then they waited me out and said you money is set up in the Auto Trader and the account has $24 in there , WHAT A SCAM AND FRAUD AND ANDREA BANK SHOULD BE SACKED , this is the most disgusting service i ever seen , 10 markets are the worst ever , if they had guts they refund there clients money ,

I heard the stuff from some guru called Jake something & an old antiques trading saying sprung to mind; “If it’s too good to be true it probably is”. As soon as the phone call came from an Asian woman who passed me to some African sounding bloke, I just knew it was shit.

Sounds familiar , I was trading for 2 years with a broker called L binary , out of the blue they disappeared with all clients money including my 20000
. I am still trying to find the frauds.

The had very bad experience with 10market.i deposit 250and within 2days $30went missing .i decided to withdraw my fund immediately.our problem is that we do not want to trade with legitimate brokers.10markets has no licence.

Initially I was trading binary and was showing a profit when it closed, I was so happy and I withdraw the money but somehow my broker, Chris Aames call me again to deposit more money on forex, as I had no experience so I follow his instruction, after two days I notice my balance has dropped tremendously and I lost usd 7960. Where is the problem coming from, in the forex platform he purposely ask me to buy 4 contracts instead of one and also created duplicate assets, never advise me to use “stop loss” in the forex platform in order to bust my investment.
I hope somebody will look into this matter and prevent more victims, and best of all I can recover some losses from there. Thanks.

Much the same happened to my £15,000. My account manager placed all the trades and managed to lose all of it in a few months.

Knowing nothing about trading I left it to my allotted Pro Trader to do. After depositing £10,500 I watched it quickly disappear. £5,000 of that was taken from my account without me knowing. Not realising until it was too late. They have no morals, do not listen and do not respond to questions. Not a good place to invest. The only investing should be done by the fraud squad!

I put in 250
Can they access my bank acount and take more
Or is it just the 250 they can loose or not give back
I’m afraid because I gave my bank details they will take more

Phone up your bank and let them know.

Yes, they take all of your money if you dont have somekind limits there. You loss all!

Please Please this is a scam, you can see your equity growing, but you do the press withdrawl it will say admin controlled. which means you are not in control. Once I said I can’t remember my password to login it took seconds to put my password from him my security is not there on this platform.. Brothers and sisters please please donts go on this platform we work hard for the money we get. humble suggestion please please don’t go for 10 market platform its a scam I lost £12000 and yet when called no response get out if you can ,what ever your balance is there try to withdraw you will know the true colour of your 10 market mentor.. Please stay away

there are all scam sites binary … they need to be registered with each province they interact with , check registration for ur province they will most likey be on investor warning list as they are in my province OSC , u need to show ur transactions , to get ur funds returned in the future when the osc as example will be bring them to court

They are scammers and you have lost your money !

100 % scam ! Take contact to police !

Oh dear,So sory sony,yuv been sucked by a snake .I have listened to 1 of their con sales dept account managers trying everything possible to get biscuits outa my
piggy wiggy tin for ages.Just listening carefully will give u the clues to a criminal mind with evil intent.I told the Xunt to f off in a polite manner.Gawd blimey charlie ,the Xunt realised ee was exposed but like a recidivist clothed in stripes for life ee has reincarnated imself as a holy grail of a devil;and that is wat ee is!No one looks after yer peebles better than ye.

Hi all.. I’m just deposit $250.00 to the 10 markets account. Today, they want me to put some more amount. Toby(10markets account manager) asking for my online banking details and using team viewer to look at my laptop screen also. I’m follow the step and then i feel doubt about it. I’m searching about 10 markets in google & many negative comments about this company. So how i want to get my money back? I don’t want to continue with them anymore. I’m from Malaysia & I don’t know how to get this problem solve. Please help me. Sorry for my bad English.

most likely cannot get back unless you tell them you only try on wihdrawal process for $200.00

I ask to withdraw usd 238 after losing some money on 250 usd and the balance become 0. Binary Robot 365 not linked to them they say.

Finally 10 Markets return my usd 250. I appreciate their effort. However I will not use them again as meta trader hard to use,

I am a client of 10markets. I am entirely unsure of how other real clients feel about this company, but I really feel they are a scam. In order for clients to put in deposits they are quick about it. But to contact them and ask them for status updates it takes weeks. Even closing the account is like begging them. Sometimes, they have trades done that is not on the platform and they will suddenly appear with the trades at negative balances. I have screen shots and conversations as proof.

Please can you send me the screen shots and conversations as proof. I am working on an updated version of this post.

I always feel that 10 markets have no interest in the client. They just want you to deposit more and more and then give you a credit that locks you in – and in my case I was close to being able to withdraw and then suddenly over the course of 4 weeks they traded my account to a loss… taking commissions of course.

Sanuel I am a victim aswell, understand but stay out mate as to save a trade ask for deposit is neverending my humble suggestion get out as soon as you can .press withdrawl amount you will see the true colour of you mentor. God Bless stay safe.

they need legal id in order to accept your deposit .. mine should of paid out double , they kept the wins , ignored me , then asked for my id to be able to refund , they then insult me by pointing 12 the amount they wanted to, they put this in with id after bothering me for the id, as they know they cant accept in the first place without id as i found out … legal id is a drivers id not a health card , health card wont be accepted just as u were to apply for a loan , u need legal id .. they are a scam they need to be registered by law with each province they interact with ,, i live in ontario which is the osc they are on the list for investor warning and will be brought to court for not being registered and returning victims funds

Yes, I agree with you that they are scammers ! I lost my money in there too. All the money you invest in there you will allways lost too !

I think that you want to keep your money ! Never invest 10 Markets / Whitestone or you can wave your money to googbye !

What a horrible experience with 10 markets..Stay away……..started in February with $500USD I was very quickly talked into another $2000.00USD. I then I had a life changing car accident and requested my money back because i was not able to concentrate on learning to trade. I was then talked into having Dylan Woods manage my account until was able to get back on my feet…long story short….my account was then traded away to $32.00 as I watched my account lose money I requested that all trading be stopped and nothing happened. The final answer was… there is nothing they could do for me……A big and expensive lesson learned..It’s all a big money grab…be careful….Is there anything more I can do

Sorry to hear about your car accident. Can you send me screenshots and proof to back up your claims against 10markets? I will compile them into a new post along with some other claims.

I have been asked as a new trader to deposit money after reading all the negative comments I don’t think so

mike – Dylan Woods is my new account manager he is part of the recovery team (lost of teams in 10markets) but all he want is more money – it feel like a lot of people with gambling issues managing money – still never seen any of the low risk trades i.e.. 3-5%

Just this guy made me to loss over 10k eurs. After a year I had 20k profits and then I asked to withdraw Woods told me what to do and after those wises my account was wmpty and no activity was on. Woods was fourth trader with me. Obviously Woods is the home-devil, who took the money to 10Markets. There was Jay Goldman, Jane Klein, Thomas Wehrmann, John Penrose, Michael Burg, Michael Paige, Daniel Cooper and Vanessa Halloway. I think that all are cheating people to give money. Every one say: put more money and… And when you have lost everything they say, it is cosiquence of your stupid decissions… This is the true. But dont worry, I´ll found them one day.

Hi Ken , I have also been misled by 2 cowards , Gabriel Nelson and Michael Burg , I would join you in locating these 2 individuals , I would like to cut their ears off place them in their hands and await their screams , I have a wicked streak that Id like both of them to witness , I invested heavy with little to show for it almost 12 months and down almost 20,000 sterling , these bastards are in it for themselves , commission upon trade placed , incorrect info , lets take DAX , screen shot was sent to myself showing a trade , cover with a TP 10,000, sell , I should have known this was false information by the very margin of a fall , he says you have to be patient , DAX 12711 and climbing , has not stopped since trade placed , I am now doing my intel on these individuals, I am ex service heavily into seek and find.

Well good luck with that. I like to envisage them in orange jumpsuits. My account got to £61,000 profit but I could never withdraw a penny as there was always a reason why I needed to add more money in order to make my account save to withdraw or why I needed a decent balance to make another money making trade which would pay out on Friday …. ‘so keep it in a while longer, you know I offer you great advice’. When I became more determined to get money out Gabriel Nelson hastily talked me through a 21 volume trade which immediately dropped my Free Margin from a safe level to 32%. My heart stopped and my balance 61k disappeared within the day. Over the next few days they persuaded me to put in more money in order to keep the account afloat so I wouldn’t lose my £28,000 equity. Of course it all disappeared. Gabriel Nelson said ‘well you’ve learnt some lessons but in a year sell your house and come back and I’ll make you £20,000 a month on your £200,000 investment’. Holy Hell … really! Two weeks later John Baker sent me an email … I’m from the VIP Department I can help recover your money in safe measured way as I’m not happy with the final outcome. Bottom line – no they would not refund me the Spread Cost of the 21 volume trade but suggested I transfer another £8500 or even £16000 to do a sure thing Google trade. I have reported them to Action Fraud, The FCA and am trying to get some money back through my Bank and Credit Card companies under Section 75. Charming and convincing as these guys appear to be they put useful talents to evil purposes. Their mothers would be ashamed of them. I trust someone does catch up with them and holds them to account.

All what they learn is how you will lost your money, you know !

I am a 10 markets client 10 markets is a scam they are quick to help you until you deposit the money ..they nolonger intrested in you when i asked them what happened to my money they just say “the system must have lost the money and you must deposit more money like really they promised that an account manager will help you but that just bull shit & even if u send emails they just ignore you.This people are not even decent to tell you why & how you lost the money…but yet they expect to suck you dry… VERY DISSAPOINTING

Please check your email inbox, Noria.

yeah – I agree I can see the “automated” trades that just take my cash. I had a fully managed account not an automated one – when asked what happened to Anna Kaplan my manager I was told they parted company with her. I feel she left because the may have seen something very bad with the trading

One thing that I would recommend and advise everyone here who has a complain that is never allow any broker company to manage your account or funds they will do this to everyone always manage your own account or give it to someone whom you trust and is can be physically reached in person.

That is very true.

I was their client too and I had to say that they just want your money ! Do not invest any more or you lost all your money !

I am a 10 Markets client.I am also thinking that 10 markets is a scam.I have started with 250 USD on january 2020 then requested me to add 1000 USD then again 1000 & 500 USD to my account.Now from 3 weeks i am not getting any response from them,i messaged many times but no reply.I can’t withdraw my funds also as now it is showing temporarily suspended. Atleast they should tell us we lost our money or not.Disgusting brokers ……very very disappointing…
My personal request to everyone please don’t put money in 10 Markets …be careful.

Hi, Feel free to email screenshot proof through the contact page.

I have invested 500 US dollars. In two weeks the deposit became 1504 dollars. More than two weeks I try to withdraw money. The support service is silent.
Never contact this office.

Dear Alexey,
Please be advised that we’re trying to get in touch with you on the phone and email for the last several weeks, although there’s no answer from your side. Please contact us here: [email protected], this is one of our best Customer Success Managers for further discussion.

I can’t see say profit and thy r not contacting me I m so upset

Unfortunately there are risks of losing money with these types of trading and vast majority of people WILL lose money.

Where and who is the best person to speak to about my account. My account has got a suspension on it my account manager can’t be reached and l’m stressing out have tried to call you but no response what should l do?

Wow i was about to deposit………….After reading every ALL BAD reviews. Admin comment are a typical………….make it hard for the customer. Admin could easily check all these claims in there own company. Instead of trying the delay tactics. I liked all the assets they trade. Each time i have talked with them to get any good customer service answers. There comment is you are NOT a customer as you have NOT deposited funds. This is true. But there whole attitude for a new customer is so poor.
How do you get business with out your greatest asset.YOUR CUSTOMER.

Hi Kim, I’m not sure what you are trying to say? I can’t understand your English.

That´s a joke?
After all this feedback i will not trade on this F***

That’s BULLSHIT did you read that.
Kim I feel you but you should have done your research first honey then you would have seen how rude there customer service is and the amounts of monies they have suck dry from people.

Comment deleted upon users request.

Hi, You are free to do what you like. I am just here to be the only website to let the truth not be suppressed because of money.

Could you please delete my comment on this page as I have resolved my issues with 10markets. Many thanks

Beware, beware. All brokers and regulated brokers there is always more black sheeps in the organisation. Especially can’t imagine country like UK is one of the most high scam in the world earning their reputation through cheating is their way of style. These brokers are quick like leopard reaching out to you through phone before one can finished update personal information but slow as snail the minute raise the subject on withdrawal. This is the biggest problems with this industry on the subject on withdrawal especially if traders not reside within their country and their authority done nothing to stop unethical practise within their society. They knew nothing you can do about it and their webpage also stated this is a high risk investment and yours hard earn money place in the hands of inexperienced brokers sharpen their skill. Don’t you feel strange regulated brokers should accept US traders instead vice versa do not accept US traders because most of these regulators body are from Europe, they belongs to same flock of scam and they knows US citizens are well protected by their government avoid having any political pressure in the later with America. Once regulated will not accept US traders. There are brokers for years still telling you in progress getting regulated but true intention never want to be regulated because any issue traders no where raise complain as they do not have bide by any authority.

A piece of sound advise to all traders

1. Never deposit fund with brokers without getting first the compliance
document verify and acceptance meeting the eligibility for withdrawal
avoiding later excuses from brokers the document do not compliance.

2. Traders must check the mode of deposit accepted for online gambling,
forex and casino before making deposit. Some countries do not allow
debit card or prepaid issue by any financial organisation bearing Visa
or Master logo due to security reason. Example like PayPal do not allow
online gaming, forex and casino but do note there are brokers with
PayPal signage on their brokers website on case by case basic accept
PayPal but traders must getting black and white verification from
brokers whether yours PayPal accepted for withdrawal. Brokers interest
want you to deposit fund and never care less yours withdrawal issue.
Do not accept brokers request for higher deposit beyond your means,
trades for you if you sign up with trading software, these brokers are
good talkers and often are not a good doers, giving great promises
and assurance but fail to deliver.

Thanks for taking the time to write this out, Thomas

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